Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Conservative Republican for hire, Paul Mitchell.

The 2010 Congressional and Gubernatorial elections will provide massive gains for Republicans across the United States, as our Democratic counterparts have lost all of their previous standing with the electorate, and Conservatism has awakened the Grand Old Party like never before, however, Moderate Republicans are also endangered, as reliable Republican districts want reliable Republican representatives.

Paul Mitchell is just a regular Conservative Republican from the land of Lincoln, a former Air Force Veteran, a dedicated Catholic and a devout believer in Catholic principles, such as protecting life, securing traditional marriage, and Mr.Mitchell is a member of the Conservative blogosphere, though his outreach and focus has been restricted to Illinois politics.

During the summer months, I came upon Mitchell's campaign for the Republican nomination in the 62nd district to the Illinois House of Representatives, on a mission of Conservatism, attempting to replace a Moderate Republican from a reliable seat, due to her liberal views and votes on the issues of abortion, traditional marriage, taxes and other issues.

With the Republican primaries just a few weeks off, Conservative Republicans have been focused on the most important election in this decade, however, we cannot forget about our Conservative brothers fighting in the trenches, attempting to restore our Conservative Republican values and beliefs to State Houses, as well as local offices across America.

According to an email, I received from Mr.Mitchell this afternoon, there are two main differences between the candidates for the Republican nomination, "is that I am pro-life, and support traditional marriage, and she is pro-abortion, and refuses to support traditional marriage.", Mr.Mitchell has also received the endorsement of numerous individuals and organizations across Illinois, including local pro-life and fiscal conservative organizations (including the endorsements of local Tea Partiers and Tea Party organizations).

Mr.Mitchell is also a dedicated Republican, declaring "After this primary, I expect to support the entire Republican ticket.", in response to a question about supporting Representative Cole if her campaign is successful, however, the response and media coverage in the 62nd district has been positive for Mitchell's campaign, and momentum is on his side.

Paul Mitchell is running for the Republican nomination because he wants to restore Republican representation and values, and he is for hire, all that is needed is for Conservatives to support his campaign, in all possible forms.

http://www.paulfor62.com/, Representation starts on a local level, and local Conservative Republican representation is needed across America, let us start in the land of Lincoln, the largest icon and hero of all Republicans, who understood the value of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, such as Paul Mitchell now advocates.

Also, please visit Mr.Mitchell's political blog, because it will offer more insight into this political Patriot, who is attempting to replace a Republican pinhead, and provide real Republican representation in the Illinois House of Representatives.


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1 comment:

Southern Man said...

I hope that as the 2010 mid-term elections grow closer more and more conservative candidates will begin to present themselves. We have to clean out the RINOs along with the liberals or we will end up with more of the same.