Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The reasons Scott Brown will win.

These elections are tough to swallow, as a campaign without hope three weeks ago, is now a campaign within a couple of percentage points of election to the United States Senate, but this is not a normal election, a Republican candidate has a good chance of winning in Massachusetts, and ending all Democratic proposals on health care legislation.

Scott Brown's campaign launched as a "Doug Flutie campaign", one that had little chance of success, the underdog in a tough situation, and decided to give one last effort of devotion for the cause, however, as the weeks have passed along, Scott Brown's campaign has transformed into a "Tom Brady campaign", one that has confidence, momentum, and knows victory is in the air.

As we head into the election next Tuesday, I guarantee Scott Brown's campaign will be successful, and that we will have the 41st vote against socialized medicine in the United States Senate. I could be wrong, however, I am not.

Scott Brown has momentum like no other Republican candidate in Massachusetts has had for a long time, Scott Brown appeals to Americans of all political ideologies, political leanings, and political parties, while maintaining a strong connection with Conservatism and Republicans. Scott Brown was not destined to win, but has worked hard to bring himself to this point of winning, something all voters can respect.

Scott Brown has a base dedicated to winning, as 89% of Republicans supported his campaign during the primaries, Independents have flocked to Brown's campaign over the past few weeks, and Democrat voters are either overconfident or depressed enough not to vote. Creating the perfect storm of situations to bolster Scott Brown's campaign, which is within 2 percentage points of his Democratic opponent, according to a Rasmussen Reports poll released last night.

Besides the momentum and support, Scott Brown will win for three legislative reasons.

1. - Scott Brown supports the treatment of Terrorists to be as enemies, charged in Military Tribunals, instead of civilian trials, where vital national security information could be exposed or lost forever. 65% of Massachusetts voters share this opinion with Scott Brown, while the Democratic candidate is as liberal as one could be, perhaps more Liberal than Barack Obama on National defense.

2. - Scott Brown does not support Democratic efforts to socialize the United States health care system, the opinion of 46% of voters in Massachusetts, while the Democratic candidate has made conflicting statements on the health care debate at hand, leaving Scott Brown as the last resort for Conservatives who want the legislation finished, and Liberals who think it doesn't go far enough.

3. - Scott Brown will not be an automatic vote for all Democratic legislation, in a state where Independents rule the political landscape, that is the largest appealing nature of Brown's campaign, running against a Democratic hack who will support all Democratic legislation all the time.

We need to keep fighting for Scott Brown's campaign, we can win this election in Massachusetts, and we can stop the Democratic agenda of destruction, on more than just health care legislation, because Scott Brown is also a reliable "no vote" on cap & trade, and second amendment legislation could use a few more votes to secure passage.

Scott Brown will win, are you prepared to fight?

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1 comment:

Pedaling said...

i agree and i am prepared to fight

the only reason brown may not win is because of chicago politics under the obama administration seeping into Massachusetts. (acorn, seiu, voter fraud....think al fankin )