Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Conservatives - all politics is local.

Politics is a brutal sport, one which requires dedication, a strong ego, and the ultimate acception of failure. Being involved in politics on a local level, results in damaged personal feelings to a fault, however, being a blogger who complains about the world to thousands of individuals across America, allows for a perfect balance of local and national politics, without the massive headaches.

While the average Conservative blogger prefers a focus on national issues, politicians, and defeating the national socialistic agenda of our Democratic counterparts, I have found that involvement in local politics is not a waste of time or resources, quite the opposite. Fighting our battles on a national scale is essential to the future of the United States of America, however, we can have a larger impact on a local scale, with smaller amounts of political funds, capital, and resources.

Take for example taxation, while the United States Congress or various legislatures might consider tax increases on a regular basis, local taxation from a local village or town board, can be enacted with less attention from the local residents, and have a direct, personal impact within months, unlike the United States Congress or various legislatures which spend months debating tax increases, and it takes months or even years for the increases to take effect. While it could take the election of numerous Republicans to prevent tax increases in the United States Congress, the election of just one Republican on a local level could end tax increases.

Several weeks ago, I wrote about the election of a local Republican Supervisor, who was elected to a second term on the Town Board and Board of Supervisors, with just a one vote advantage over his Democrat opponent. While the occasional congressional election might be decided on a basis of a couple of hundred votes, local elections on a village, town, or even countywide level could be decided by just a few votes.

I am not suggesting we ignore national issues, elections, battles, and the legislation that is proposed, however, I am advocating that the Conservative blogosphere remember the local elections as well, because reducing taxes on a national scale is wonderful, however, ignoring the increase of taxes on a local scale makes absolutely no sense at the same time. The Conservative Republican revolution is not a political movement for the United States Congress alone, it is a movement on all levels of government.

Please join a local Young Republicans Club, become a member of the Republican Committee in your area, run for elected office, advocate local candidates, write letters to the editor on a local basis, and remember all elections count, regardless of size or location in the United States of America. We need 40 Republicans to takeover the House of Representatives in November, while the election of just one or two Republicans could change the political foundations on a local level.

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