Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Leading Republican candidate needs more financial support.

Over the past few months, I have been introducing a Republican candidate from Virginia's eighth congressional district to the world, his name is Matthew Berry, a former Clerk for Justice Clarance Thomas, and a dedicated fiscal conservative running for the Republican nomination in Virginia's eighth congressional district, and the pleasure of being the strongest chance of defeating Congressman Moran in November.

The problem is, Berry does not have unlimited amounts of tainted dollars coming from various special interest groups across Washington, his campaign is based on raising funds from the average American, and thus far - $60,000 dollars has been raised from citizens across America for his campaign, however, that is not enough.

To challenge a longstanding incumbent in a reliable Democrat district, a candidate needs to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions to defeat the tainted cash flow of corruption. While we have important races across America, from Massachusetts to North Dakota, and dozens of congressional, Gubernatorial, and various other elections in between, we have a chance to stop the horrific agenda of Congressman Moran from continuing.

Please support the Berry campaign, visit, contribute what funding you can, and please vote for this fine candidate if you happen to reside in the 8th congressional district of Virginia.

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