Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Curt Schilling has endorsed Scott Brown.

The stars are aligning behind Scott Brown's campaign, as one of the most important components behind the Redsox masterful comeback in the 2004 ALCS, Curt Schilling, has just endorsed Scott Brown's campaign for the United States Senate. Though this should come as no surprise, considering Schilling has long been an advocate for Republican candidates, and even considered a run for the Senate seat we are discussing.

Scott Brown is winning the battle of grassroots support, he is winning the debate on the issues, he is not a member of an unpopular administration/executive branch, his campaign is running on diehard issues, not the name game. Scott Brown is a professional in Massachusetts politics, as he has been elected to the Massachusetts legislature as a Republican, a task few have achieved.

Scott Brown has achieved step one (Fundraising and Support), receiving donations from Conservatives and Republicans across America, along with financial support from organizations and politicians. Brown has also received the endorsements of Senator McCain, Curt Schilling, and local celebrities.

Curt Schilling could be more important to the Brown campaign, as his current endorsement is from a Baseball hero, but Curt Schilling is a well respected individual in Massachusetts, and across the Nation. Baseball is a lot like Capitalism, as dozens of individual teams from across America are competing for the ultimate success, winning the World Series title. Teams invest millions into potential stars, coaches, and management to formulate a team that can be successful, the same goes for free enterprise.

If the Boston Redsox are allowed to succeed, why shouldn't private industries be allowed to do the same? The Boston Redsox and Curt Schilling could win this election for Scott Brown's campaign, if Scott Brown is willing to add another talking point to his rotation, and Schilling is prepared for the seventh inning stretch, this could get interesting.

Overall, great news for the Scott Brown campaign, as a well loved and respected individual in Massachusetts is on your team, now it is time to secure the rest of Massachusetts on the Brown team as well. Please vote for Scott Brown if you're a resident in Massachusetts or visit http://www.brownforussenate.com/ to help his campaign through additional methods.

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