Monday, January 4, 2010

Top 3 Republican candidates for President in 2012 - 3.0

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Presidential rumors

Perspective candidates have rumors circulating around their political future at all times, however, dark horse candidates such as the former Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson (R), don't have rumors without good reason. Johnson is a well known Libertarian Republican, who vetoed legislation like a natural reflex during his time as Governor, however, his reputation is among Libertarians alone, as his stances on National defense are weak, and a possible campaign would revive a 2012 version of the Ron Paul campaign during the 2008 Republican Primaries.

While these rumors consist of potential truth, we still have a long time for the 2012 Presidential Primaries to heat up, thus the rumors are just rumors for now.

(3) - Mike Huckabee

Huckabee is damaged goods. With the realization and national exposure of his weakness as the Governor of Arkansas in regards to pardoning dangerous felons, his campaign does not stand a chance against the Conservative movement, as he has been judged. Still, Huckabee shocked the political world with his victory in Iowa, and he cannot be ignored as a potential candidate for the Republican nomination.

(2) - Mitt Romney

Weakness on health care is a political killer. The former Governor of Massachusetts should be well aware of this, however, his exposure to the American electorate has been limited during these tough times, and his support of Scott Brown's campaign in Massachusetts, could bolster support amongst his ranks, and Conservatives who appreciate all support in this race. The continuation of silence, could be his greatest asset as the 2012 Presidential Primaries come closer.

(1) - Sarah Palin

Over 1,000,000 copies of Going Rogue has been sold in the United States, support of the former Governor of Alaska and Republican Vice-President candidate continues to grow, and even polling data is admitting what we have known for months, Palin is becoming more electable against Barack Obama, while Barack Obama is becoming more extreme in his political agenda. Excellent news on all counts for a possible candidate for the Republican nomination, perhaps involvement in the 2010 congressional elections will secure financial backers as well.


Sarah Palin remains the strongest of all Republican candidates as of now, while Mitt Romney is remaining silent, except for his support of Scott Brown's campaign in Massachusetts, and Mike Huckabee is all but finished in politics, but he should never be doubted.

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Reaganite Republican said...

Excellent summary Mr K- I don't think I'd change a thing there

Go get 'em Cuda-

Elwar said...


-He didn't raise taxes as Governor once.
-He vetoed over 1,000 spending items.
-He cut taxes 14 times.
-In a state dominated 2 to 1 by Democrats he served two terms.
-He left New Mexico with a balanced budget.
-He competed in the Bataan Death March, a 25 mile desert run in combat boots wearing a 35-pound backpack.
-He climbed to the top of Mount Everest, despite a broken leg.

Mr. K said...

Sarah Palin never raised taxes.

Her legislature passed good legislation, and vetoed horrific legislation.

She gave the citizens of Alaska money back.

She kicked ass against the Republican establishment.

She left Alaska will millions/billions in a trust fund.

She had five children.

Also.....Sarah Palin believes in protecting the homeland......she wins.

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