Thursday, January 14, 2010

Donation for Endorsement?

I could be on to something or I'm grasping at straws, I'll let the readers and commenter's to be the judge of that, as this article is either important or a massive waste of a time.

Martha Coakley is the Democratic candidate in the Massachusetts Senate election, who has pledged her allegiance to all progressive causes - surrendering the War on Terrorism, abortion on demand, socialistic health care and economics, while watching her campaign goons attack a reporter, and do nothing.

There is one cause that Coakley holds close to her heart, abortion on demand. According to information released from the Federal Election Commission, she has donated $1,000 dollars to one of the largest progressive pro-abortion organizations in America, EMILY'S List, however, I wasn't aware of these donations when that same organization endorsed Coakley's campaign a few months ago......
“EMILY’s List is proud to endorse Martha Coakley for U.S. Senate,” said Ellen R. Malcolm, President of EMILY’s List. “Martha is the strongest candidate in the race, regardless of gender, and will bring a wealth of experience fighting for Massachusetts working families to Capitol Hill. This is the moment the women of Massachusetts have been waiting for – the opportunity to elect their first women to serve in the United States Senate. EMILY’s List and our 100,000 members in Massachusetts and across the country will be standing right here with Martha as she campaigns over the coming months.” -

Does it mention the $1,000 dollars in donations Coakley has contributed to the organization? Nope, not one mention. I could be grasping straws or I might be on the verge of exposing a massive scandal, however, I cannot tell the difference. After twelve months of Obama in the White House, it is difficult to understand and separate special interests and honest intentions, because I'm not sure honest intentions exist in Washington anymore.

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Southern Man said...

At the very least candidates should disclose donations of those who have endorsed them. I'm sure most conservatives would find it scandalous; most politicians will think it business as usual.