Thursday, January 14, 2010

To those who linked Jumping in Pools 5.

Well, another week older, another week full of linkage from numerous Conservative sources, including Insta Pundit.

The Lonely Conservative has friends linked her Interview with Jumping in Pools late last week, proving she has some friends in New York.

Tea Party delegates? also linked a Jumping in Pools article on the upcoming Tea Party convention in Nashville Tennessee, and the invitation of "delegates" to the convention.

Brown is winning the Battle of the Blogosphere,,,, and, all linked the Jumping in Pools article on Scott Brown winning the battle of the blogosphere, we appreciate the linkage!

Doug loves Doug, linked his interview from December on his website, attempting to make a point about Tucker Carlson's website launching.

Republicans are racist?, linked an article documenting the racism of Democrats through out the decades, a proud accomplishment for Southern Man, who has been linked, at least once.

Reaganite Republican links Interview, linked his Interview with Jumping in Pools, providing for minimal visitors, however, we appreciate all visitors, so thanks!

Liberal blogosphere enters Massachusetts race..., and, all linked the Jumping in Pools article on the Liberal blogosphere entering the Massachusetts race, than slandering all possible Conservative, Massachusetts, etc. references to Scott Brown.

To those who have linked us, thanks. To those that have neglected another link for one of the greatest blogs on the Internet, it's your loss, not ours.

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Southern Man said...

Yeah, a link for me. The first of many I hope.

The Lonely Conservative said...

Thanks for the links! And good night. Way past my bed time!