Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Harry Reid: 'I Really Like Those People"

NOTE: This article is satire. If you really think this is real and complain, you can go vote for Harry.

RENO, NV-- Fighting off allegations of racism after insensitive remarked aimed at President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) pushed back hard with his civil rights credentials.

"I was one of the pioneers of the civil rights movement in Nevada." he said, "I co-authored legislation insuring equal rights. And why wouldn't I? I don't hate Negroes. I really like those people."

Despite the fact that his chief of staff told Reid not to hold a press conference, the Senator pushed on: "The real racists are the people who call me racists. Rush Limbaugh would own slaves if he could. Sarah Palin would go back even if she had black. Hell, Michael Steele would vote against the 13th Amendment if he could."

Reid also pointed out that he once 'left a really large tip' to a black waitress and even would be 'okay' with one of his sons dating "a Negress, providing she is of the light-skinned variety, of course."

Despite calls for his resignation, Reid refused to do so. "I am proud to hold one of the front seats in the Senate. Michael Steele and all of his kind can sit in the back where they belong."

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Southern Man said...

I liked the post but I loved the disclaimer.

Harrison said...


Surfers paradise said...

Hey,Harry Reid is rubbing his hands and gloating over the seeming demise of...Capitalism. He is a tax and spend Liberal! And sees the on-going recession as a golden opportunity to impose socialism, rid America of those mean=spirited Repubs, and works had-in-hand with Bush in spending us into oblivion...and a world-wide depression!i like it.thanks!