Saturday, January 16, 2010

Health care can be stopped in the House.

Speaker Pelosi and congressional Democrats jammed a health care bill through the House of Representatives just a few months ago, however, with continuing discussions and negotiations ongoing behind closed doors as I write this, congressional Democrats could lose enough Democratic votes, to kill the legislation before a second vote is held.

The situation has changed from November, as Scott Brown is leading his Democratic opponent in Massachusetts, Congressman Parker Griffith has joined the Republican caucus, Democrats have one less vote with the resignation of Congressman Wexler, and will lose another vote when Congressman Abercrombie resigns on February 28th.

Abortion has also tossed a curve ball into Democratic plans, as the lone Republican who supported the initial health care legislation in November, Congressman Joseph Cao (Louisiana - 2nd district), will not support legislation that has one dime of abortion funding, and the current legislation being proposed, has federal funding for abortions in numerous states.

Before we continue into hostile waters, congressional Democrats have lost one member of their caucus to Republicans, while another member has resigned for personal reasons, Scott Brown's successful campaign has to be scaring Democrats elected in all corners of the United States, and the lone Republican support, is gone.

As of now, congressional Democrats have 218 votes for health care legislation, while congressional Republicans have 216 votes against health care legislation (according to voting patterns from the November vote).

Congressman Stupak is also opposing the current legislation, because it includes federal funding for abortions in numerous states, leaving Congressman Stupak and abortion the kingmakers of the health care legislation, which is another reason to vote out blue dog Democrats, when we could have red, white & blue blooded Republicans instead, eliminating the situation that is government run health care, altogether and forever.

According to Congressman Stupak's comments over the past few weeks, 10 to 11 Democrats would also oppose the Democratic legislation if abortion is included in the final legislation, leaving pro-abortion Democrats and pro-life Democrats divided, and uplifting Republican hopes, that a Democratic controlled house divided, will not stand.

Democrats do not have the pleasure of time, as Illinois will be holding their congressional primaries in a few weeks, Congressman Abercrombie will be resigning at the end of next month, and Congressman Wexler's seat will not be filled until April, while pro-life Democrats will not budge on abortion funding, leaving Republicans with one task - maintaining their united coalition.

We can stop this legislation in the House of Representatives, however, it depends on numerous factors going our direction, including the close election of Scott Brown, federal funding for abortion remaining in the legislation (Congressional Republicans, that means opposing all pro-life amendments, as much as it kills me), and the obstructing of Democratic plans, just long enough for Congressman Abercrombie's resignation to take effect.

We can stop the destruction of health care, however, we will have to work hard, and hope for a few miracles.

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