Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sites to Visit

Over the last several months, I've come to espescially like some of the sites that we've linked to. All of the sites we have on the right under "blogs" are great, but these are my personal favs. So to all of our loyal readers (all four of you), please check out these awesome sites:

Stix Blog (Funny)
Just Politics (Smart)
Innominatus (JiP's best pal for a very long time)
Instapundit (Trend-Setter)
Hickpolitics (Interesting)
The Life and Times (A Fellow Phil Hendrie Fan)
The Blogmocracy (C.J.'s worst nightmare)
Patriot Room (Cool)

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innominatus said...

Thanks! But it never fails - every time you link me I have something lame up at the top of the page. :\

Michael Avitabile said...

You never have anything lame!

Harrison said...

Cheers for the compliment and link.