Thursday, January 7, 2010

Interview: Gary Johnson for President

Jumping in Pools is proud to present number 43 in our interview series. This time we're interviewing Elwar from the Gary Johnson for President site. That site promotes the candidacy of former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson for 2012. Visit the site and bookmark if you like it! Without further ado:

1. What would be Gary Johnson's strengths as President?

Gary Johnson is one of those guys who wants smaller government and is actually willing to put his foot down when Congress comes to him with a bulging budget. He vetoed 750 bills while governor of New Mexico. I've gone through and read some of his veto statements and a lot of them go along the lines of "How many times to I have to tell you No" when it comes to reckless spending. THAT's what we need in Washington right now. Someone to tell the out of control Congress "NO".
He's very business oriented. He started out as a one man construction business that grew to the biggest construction company in his state. He'll be able to fix what is currently being broken.

2. Would he have any significant weaknesses?

I believe once he's in office and he stops the flow of special interest money he'll begin getting attacked by anyone and everyone including the media. This will make him very unpopular and will put pressure on him to comprimise as politicians tend to do. But considering he was willing to take an unpopular and politically suicidal stance against the Drug War while governor, I'd venture to say that he'd stick to his principles, no matter how badly he is attacked.

3. How likely do you believe it is that Mr. Johnson will run for President?

I'd put the likelyhood at 99%. Although his PAC does not allow him to say that he's running thanks to our wonderful campaign laws, I (as someone not affiliated whatsoever with Gary Johnson or the Our America Initiative PAC) can say that he's probably going to run. Why else would he start a PAC, start taking donations, write a book, start making media appearances, plan stops in New Hampshire and Iowa if he wasn't planning on running for president? He's an avid athlete, I'm sure he'd prefer conquering a mountain instead of campaigning full time.

4. Why Johnson and not Sarah Palin?

I looked into Palin's record as governor early on when some people were saying she might be a good VP for Ron Paul if he were given the Republican nomination. She raised taxes and spent a lot of money in the short amount of time that she was governor in a conservative state like Alaska. Gary Johnson never raised taxes in the 8 years as governor in a state dominated 2 to 1 by Democrats.
I also can't see Palin winning the general election, especially with the animosity (deserved or not) that has grown around her. Any way you cut it, Republicans need to pick up California's 55 electoral votes, that went to Obama in 2008, to win in 2012. With a likely 2010 bill legalizing marijuana in California (as well as about 15 other states), Gary Johnson will be poised to take that state as the candidate who's been such a staunch supporter of marijuana legalization throughout his career, while Obama has been an opponent of California's state rights by continuing to allow DEA raids on legal marijuana businesses.

5. What is the best part about running your site?

I'm excited to watch the amount of visits at grow monthly and see how much support there is for a possible Gary Johnson run. Last month we had over 10,000 hits and we're not even close to 2012. I've been working on getting the site set up to become the Internet hub for grassroots activity; from the activist forum for exchanging updates and ideas, to allowing people to create their own activist webpages and blogs.
By 2012 the American people are going to be tired of our out of control government and Gary Johnson will be the only candidate with the proven track record and principles to wield his Veto pen like no other to stop the madness.
Of course, let me repeat, as it says on my website: has no affiliation with Gary Johnson or any Gary Johnson campaign other than support for his possible run for president in 2012.

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