Thursday, January 7, 2010

Texas Longhorns will win, predicted response.

The Other McCain is live blogging from California, as the obsessions of a Alabama Crimson Tide fan, has brought him to the West Coast, and has delivered behind the scenes information to thousands of Conservative readers across America, all of which are Texas Longhorn fans, who are witnessing the deranged rants of an Alabama fan.

This could cost Jumping in Pools a spot on The Other McCain blogroll, however, the truth shall set Alabama fans free. Alabama will lose this game, Texas will demolish their pathetic hopes in the second half, and McCain will respond - "We wuz robbed!", because he is cool like that.

For up to the minute updates from a bar in California, please visit, as the poor Alabama fan will need all of the visits to keep his spirits high, and I appreciate the return linkage associated with linking his blog. Confused? I am too.

Also, miracles can happen, if the Longhorns do lose the Championship game, I will link McCain's blog on a regular basis, until the wise grasshopper allows me to reside in blogger shame for a few months.

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Joe C. said...

Yeah, Alabama won, but the starting quarterback for Texas, Colt McCoy, got hurt.

Michael Avitabile said...

Oh my FUCKING GOD, it's Joe everybody!!!!! How are you Joe? I thought you were dead!