Monday, January 11, 2010

Interview with Drew458 of BMEWS

Jumping in Pools is proud to present the 48th interview of our on-going series. Today, JiP intervews Drew458 of Barking Moonbat Early Warning System, a site that stays right and is proud of it. Drew is very blunt in his commentary, something that should be appreciated in a time where politicians ride the line so much, they smudge it. So thanks to Drew458 and to BMEWS for the interview:

Why did you start

I didn't start BMEWS. Two retired Air Force guys, Allan Kelly and Vilmar Tavares did, way back on January 12, 2004. The content of that post set the direction of the blog, and that's something we still try to follow today:

"Welcome to the blog site! Configuration and setup are in progress. Please bear with us as we gird our loins and prepare to do battle with Barking Moonbats, Democrats, Hollywood "artistes" and generally assorted peoples of Middle Eastern descent who think violence will result in anything less than total destruction. Check back in the next few days for more insightful analysis, discussion, humor and the occasional use of the word "poot".

Skewer the left, poke holes in the stuffed shirts of the over paid elitists, rage against Islamic Rage Boy and all his ilk, point out the excesses of corrupt government, and keep a moderate level of wise-assery going. Yup, that's us.

I was a regular commenter at the blog for years. After a while, creative differences lead Vilmar to go off and make his own blog, , where he still is today. A lot of his readership is our readership; there is no animosity between us. There is no behind the scenes collusion either; he does his thing and we do ours. We just happen to share a thousand or so readers.

In early 2006 Allan suddenly died. Natural causes, no foul play or anything negative. He'd been having back problems and was scheduled for surgery, but he went to sleep one night and that was it. When Vilmar had left several other folks had come on board as minor posters. This guy who goes by the handle Mr. Christian was one of them, and he stepped up to the plate to keep the site going. But after a while his job became too demanding, and the readership elected me to do the job. Really, they did. I wasn't even "running" for the job. I was drafted! So I've been doing it ever since. Mr. Christian has gone on his way, a few of the old time co-posters still stop by and put up a post once in a while, and we have a new generation of members.

I get help from a most excellent fellow, "Peiper" aka "JayD", an American ex-pat living in south east England. He puts up a couple of news posts almost every day about life over there, and it's frightening. You think it's bad in the USA under the Patriot Act and under Obama? Walk in the park compared to life in the rat out your neighbors, ultra socialist, disarmed, crime run amok, caved in to the EU, super greenie mess that is the UK. That gives us a little perspective. He also puts up pictures of pretty women, and with a bit of help from me has been able to find at least a couple post-worthy women under the age of 80. As JayD he posts similar news articles over at Vilmar's site too. There is more than enough bad news coming out of the EU and the UK to share between two blogs.

Do you believe that many Republicans in Congress have forgotten their conservative roots?

"Yes, but then again, no". I am no longer willing to believe that they had any real conservative roots to begin with. Any one of them elected after the Contract With America generation (Hey Newt, how's that term limits promise going?) was probably only talking the talk. The ones still there from that time or before have long forgotten them. Power drunk statists, every last one of them. We no longer have representative government in DC. We need term limits, we need an under balanced budget (spend LESS than you take in), we need to cut the federal government by 75% or more. And cut the state governments by 50% or more. This is America. We are Americans. Government should a) keep out the barbarians b) plow the snow off the roads c) give minimal aid to the really poor and the really desperate. And that's about it. What we have now is beyond a nightmare.

At this point, actual Conservatives have abandoned the Republic party. Mostly because the Republican party has abandoned them. Even Newt, whom we usually love, has shown himself to be a poser, a player, a RINO, a party line hack.

In the upcoming 2010 elections, do you believe that Democrats will lose seats in Congress? If so, why?

Why wait? They're losing them already. I expect the MA Senate seat to go to Brown (R, but semi-RINO). Christie took NJ big time. Expect more governer turn over to the R side. Expect a huge swing to the R side in DC in 2010, but ONLY if the candidates running are both new and vocal. People are just fed up.

If new candidates emerge, Independants for fiscal responsibility, limited government, and common sense policy they will win by landslides. And if they keep to those beliefs they will get re-elected forever. They shouldn't call themselves Republicans, and they shouldn't even call themselves Conservatives. But they should be fairly conservative. America is fairly conservative. Both parties are dead to a whole lot of people. D and R don't mean anything any more, not since R has become D and D has become C/S. "Progressive"? Not hardly. Regressive. Tyrannical. And Americans hate that.

In your opinion, is the Administration over-looking possible solutions to the threat of terrorism?

No, I think the Administration is actively trying to enable terrorism. And that's only a slightly snarky response. Slightly. Give me a break. Clinton was a total FAIL on terrorism. Bush II did Iraq and Afghanistan, but he stepped too lightly, at least at first. My reaction to Shock and Awe was "I'm in Shock that that's all they're doing. Awe shit, what is wrong with these people? Don't they understand what a war is?" And then the Patriot Act. Bad news that one. And the 911 panel. What a BS fest that was. And now Obama and his dithering and his insane ROE for our troops? F that. Fight to win, or go home.

The borders are still way too porus. It's going to bite us in the ass one of these days. The airlines and the TSA are worthless. TSA is nothing more than a minority jobs program, just like the rest of government. Don't unionize them, fire them. Then outsource airport security to Israel.

We've done pretty good with cyber security, but that could be made better. And it should be made more public too. These guys are under attack 24 hours a day, often from countries we are supposed to be friendly with (ha!), countries that we have hundreds of billions of trade with (bad mistake there Nixon), and yet this almost never makes the news. It should be a daily column. Every American should know that China, Russia, Nigeria, etc are out there, trying their damnest to break in and either steal stuff or mess things up. Vulnerabilities from the inside could be improved too. How often do you hear that a government employee "lost" a laptop PC with 10 million SSNs, citizen data, etc.? BS. Those guys are either spies - shoot them - or idiots - fire them. And now laptops for government workers. Too bad. Your PC stays in the office, and God help you if we find you taking data home on a memory stick.

The Stimulus Bill was passed a year ago this month. Has it worked?

Yes. It has worked to further enrich the corruptocrats and their cronies. What was it a couple weeks ago? $6 million to save 3 jobs at Hillary's PR firm? As a reward for them telling us that TV was going digital, a whole 3 months before the changeover that we'd all been waiting several additional years for? What a crock. And this is just a drop in the bucket. Whether the stimulus could have actually worked is debatable. Remember how at first it was going to be the new CCC, "shovel ready" and put men back to work rebuilding our failing infastructure? Yeah, right. Then the feminazis got all uppity on that and it got totally watered down. And porked out. And used as political payback. And used to further the commie/socialist agenda.

So no, it's been a total waste of money. Thanks for nothing asswipes. And don't even try to give me this "jobs created or saved" horse hooey. "We didn't fire anybody this week, so give us a billion" is not economic recovery.

Hey, did you hear on the news today that the AVERAGE salary, with bonuses, of Goldman Sachs employees is $600,000 a year? Oh yeah, they sure needed bailout bucks. And hey, let's get even MORE of their managers to run even more of our government.

Where do you see the United States at the end of President Obama's first term? Will we be stronger, weaker, or somewhere in between?

Either much weaker, or covered in blood. I read an awful lot of blogs and visit an awful lot of forums, and people are fed up to the very ragged edge. As Buraq Hussein Obama's poll numbers fall ever lower, as even the far left gets fed up with him (for all the wrong reasons of course), as government gets ever more intrusive into your daily life, as our foreign policy gets weaker and weaker ... how much more will people put up with? The only reason we don't actually have revolution in the streets right now is because most folks are too busy to really pay attention to the news, and the news they get is the rah-rah pablum from the MSM. It takes real work to search the net to find out the real situation. And those few million who do that are about ready to explode. The Tea Party movement is a slight taste of that group's annoyance.

Would you like to add anything else?

Sure. Barking Moonbat Early Warning System, BMEWS for short, is about a lot more than just politics. We write about cool technology, hot women, classic cars and airplanes, world insanity and injustice, the AGW crapfest, gun control, and a million other things. We are a conservative voice, but not a voice of right wing extremism. Proud member of the VRWC since before the blog was even started. Come visit. Member registration is by email. You are free to disagree with folks, but all trolls will be electrocuted without trial.

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Southern Man said...

I like this guy. He has a very no nonsense banter that is refreshing in a world run wild with political correctness. Everyone should take the time to check out this site especially the article about political correctness in England. You think we have it bad?

Michael Avitabile said...

Yeah, he gave a good interview. You've got to appreciate a straight-shooter.

Anonymous said...

Great one-- a Cobra Judy or Distant Early Warning Line for our age.. Happy New Year also, and we shall pray the damage to our Republic this year shall be minimal.. nonetheless, we watchmen on the wall will stand by and report, and try to convince.. my material is written for me already, as I am sure is yours!