Monday, January 11, 2010

A critical review of The Daily Caller.

Repeat after me, "Tucker Carlson is not a real Conservative", again, "Tucker Carlson is not a real Conservative", one last time, "Tucker Carlson is not a real Conservative".

Tucker Carlson's investigative reporting website has been launched for all to see, after months of stalling its eventual opening, working on fresh to death articles for the grand opening of his new endeavour into media, and stealing a certain well respected Conservative blogger from Indianapolis, delivering him to Washington without notice.

Most Conservatives have been hesitant over this new "investigative reporting website", considering we have three well known investigative websites that have all launched over the past twelve months, all of which feature Andrew Breitbart, and Tucker Carlson is not a real Conservative, so the mindset of an "Conservative version of the Huffington Post", does not sit well with members of the Conservative blogosphere.

Breitbart's, launched with the release of numerous tapes documenting the criminal aspects of President Obama's old friends at ACORN, causing such a stir, both Houses of Congress were forced to act on the ordeal, prohibiting funding for the criminal organization, however, it appears congressional Democrats are not prepared to let their criminal "social justice" allies wonder without influxes of federal dollars.

Breitbart's Big Government, has since become the leading source on all news relating to ACORN, including the numerous stories on documents being dumped in dumpsters, the political parties of ACORN that stretch from Connecticut to South Carolina, and other stories from the American political forum, including health care and the dangerous members of the Federal Communications Commission.

On the other hand, Tucker Carlson's website has launched with old news, such as Democrats circling the wagons around Senator Reid and his offensive comments, a well known fact that the Christmas bomber was prepared to spill the beans after his terrorist attack failed, and numerous articles on the Congressional Budget Office stretching the numbers, while featuring the horrific aftershocks of government health care in Massachusetts, something Glenn Beck warned us about several months ago.

Tucker Carlson is nothing new, he is attempting to ride the "Conservative wave" into a Conservative version of of Huffington Post, however, as the well articulating Doug Powers commented during an interview with Jumping in Pools, "Conservatives need their version of their version".

We're stuck with Tucker Carlson and his website for several months at the least, however, it doesn't mean I'm gonna visit the website. Its a knock off of a knock off, and I prefer to visit hard working Conservative bloggers, instead of a "MSNBC Conservative".

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Mr. d said...

Where did Joe go???
By the way, it's good the guy with the gun isn't facing John McCain, that'd be stupid!

Southern Man said...

I have always thought Tucker was a little strange anyway.

Southern Man said...

Update: Well you have been proven prophetic. Tucker has officially lost his status as a conservative. I saw that the HuffPost has promoted the Daily Caller apparently at Tucker's request. Read the article here: I guess one less RHINO in conservative clothing is a good thinh.