Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Is Michael Steele a Democrat operative?

Author's note - I was against Steele's election as Chairman of the Republican National Committee last year, and supported the election of South Carolina Republican Chairman Katon Dawson to the position.

Republicans have announced candidates across America, the Conservative movement is stronger like never before, and our chances of retaking the United States House of Representatives in 2010 is high, however, the Chairman of the Republican National Committee does not believe we will retake the House in 2010.

Chairman Steele, who was elected as Chairman of the Republican National Committee last winter, was a guest on Sean Hannity's television show last night, and in response to a question of whether or not Republicans will regain the House of Representations, Steele declared "Not this year.".

Chairman Steele, as the leader of the Republican National Committee, it is your job to support Republicans across America, and to encourage fellow Republicans along the road to the 2010 congressional elections, declaring "Not this year" does not motivate or encourage me. Having the opposite effect, feelings of disappointment are upon me, feelings I have not dealt with since your election as Chairman in the first place.

We have strong Republican candidates running across America, numerous Democrats are retiring in long held Republican districts, and encouragement for the upcoming 2010 congressional elections is even in New York, where strong Republican candidates are announcing their intentions to run for Congress, despite the left leaning nature of the bluestate.

Hearing the leader of the Republican National Committee, unmotivated, is troubling. Katon Dawson of South Carolina revitalized and motivated our Republican brothers in South Carolina, Michael Steele who had no experience as a leader among Republicans, has depressed me. Never the less, nothing will restrain the Conservative Republican revolution of 2010, the American electorate is prepared, regardless of the opinion of Chairman Steele.

Also, Republicans need to capture 40 seats to take control the House of Republicans, during the 1994 congressional elections, Republicans needed to capture 42 seats, and the Conservative Republican revolution resulted in Republicans capturing 54 seats. Care to comment Chairman Steele?

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Harrison said...

The GOP has no leaders or leadership. Rallying against Obama and Pelosi is great but where are the ideas and why did they go so soft on spending during Bush's time in office?

Mr. K said...

The GOP does have leaders - On a statewide basis, on a legislative basis, and we have activists such as Sarah Palin. We have leaders.

As for spending - regardless of what some will same, the Bush administration never spent the amount of dollars the Obama administration has/will spent/spend. Bush cut taxes, was a strong War President, made two good nominations to the Bench, etc.

Bush - there was a lot of good.

Obama - a whole lotta of sucking.

Kenneth said...

Michael Steele is the reason we left the Republican party and became Independents.

After 54 years as a Republican, Steele is too far left for us, and under no circumstances could we support Steele or other RINO's.