Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Interview: Innominatus

We at Jumping in Pools are proud to present interview number 40 in our interview series. This time is Innominatus, which is one of the best political sites on all of the interwebs. I enjoy the intelligent satire on the site-- sharp and well-written.

What I suggest is that you visit Innominatus, subscribe, and leave a ton of comments. Enjoy!

1. Why and when did you start Innominatus?

I started the blog back about 2 and a half years ago. I had some ideas in my head for some silly stories that I thought people would like. The few people that noticed them seemed to like them, but I got just a few posted before the I lost the momentum and didn't post again for a long time. Basically the blog then became just a list of links for me, that made going to my favorite sites more convenient. I got so frustrated seeing the same old posts that I eventually deleted them all and the whole thing then sat dormant for at least a year or so. After the '08 elections my interest was renewed. That interest has wavered at times, but carries on to this day. I consider myself a "counter-puncher" in that I have trouble writing things completely from scratch. When there isn't much going on in the world, I have trouble getting started. When things are eventful, this gives me more ideas that form the starting points of my posts. This administration offers many things to counter-punch.

2. Why satire and not 'serious' writing?

Regular readers will recognize that I'm not strictly a satire writer. I offer up the occasional serious thought. But there are already legions of political sites that do it well. I didn't just want to be "me too!" about the issues of the day, for in most cases I can't say it any better than most of the other political bloggers. I'll leave that to those with the talent to do it well. I rather see good satire as a scarcer commodity - a niche with more room to differentiate myself from others. Not that I claim all my writing is good, but it is fun. I try to offer my readers something a little out-of-the-ordinary.

3. What has been your favorite article that you've written so far?

Oddly, my favorite articles are more serious ones where I go off on an angry rant. That isn't the thrust of my site, though. Most of my best posts are written in a skit format. I think this one turned out quite well. I actually laughed out loud at my own post as I wrote it. That was really weird.

4. Has President Obama been better or worse than you expected?

As the primary season wore on, whatever small bit of (mistaken) goodwill I had early on for Barry completely evaporated. I came to see him as a bitter ideologue and I think I've been proven right. I have, however, been surprised by his heavy-handedness and tolerance of corruption. I knew that as a lefty he'd push a lefty agenda, but I honestly bought into the lie that he'd do it in a forthright way. So much for "transparency!"

5. Do you consider yourself a Republican, conservative, libertarian, moderate, Red, or moonbat?

I'd been registered R since I turned 18 back in '87, but I've moved and need to renew my voter reg. Not sure if I'll stick with R or go independent. Much depends on what R's in Congress and the RNC do between now and the next election season. I find nowadays that I don't really fit any one mold. I guess most would call be a libertarian-leaning conservative. I tend to call myself a Constitutionalist Nationalist Jingoist Gun-Toting Flag Waver, but that is kind of awkward. On a personal level, I am very social-con but I don't feel like those issues should be a big part of the national debate. The reality is that there is a wide diversity of opinion on these issues, and the federal gov't shouldn't be trying to fit us all under one blanket. What suits the people in Massachusetts will likely not so well suit the people in Idaho. So why try to make everything a national issue? Let the states and local governments figure out how they want to handle (and pay for!) their policies in these matters.

6. What's the best thing about running your site?

By far, the FEEDBACK! For a low-traffic site, I get quite a few comments. I really value that.

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