Sunday, January 3, 2010

Random phone call results from Massachusetts.

According to some citizen polling from Massachusetts, Scott Brown's campaign might be in better shape than we expected, however, this poll is a collection of random phone calls, not based on actual voter registration or other factors.

559 voters support Scott Brown (R).
499 voters support Martha Coakley (D).
167 voters are undecided as of now.
492 voters refused to answer.
213 voters had messages left on their answering machines.

While the polling data is not precise, and it is based on random phonecalls alone, we should not invest too much grain into this polling data, however, for random phonecalls in Massachusetts to conclude a Republican candidate for United States Senate has a lead, the poll should not be dismissed.

I am still waiting for an official polling firm to enter the Massachusetts Senate race, and announce whether or not Brown has a good chance at winning, or if his campaign is going to finish better than expected. I applaud the citizens who conducted the above mentioned polling, and I hope their results are accurate for the rest of Massachusetts as well.

Still, it is good news for a Republican to win a poll in Massachusetts, period. I just hope we can win the election, because in the end, polling results mean nothing, just the actual ballots will determine the future of the United States Senate for the next eleven months.

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