Sunday, January 3, 2010

Interview with Jackie Seal.

Jackie Seal is the brave Conservative heroine who took on Norah O'Donnell, now she is discussing the incident, Sarah Palin's book, and her political future and ambitions with Jumping in Pools. I have to agree with Ms.Seal in one aspect of her responses, Sarah Palin's book speaks to the reader, it feels like I am reading a book about the average American, not about a former Governor of one of the largest states in the Union. This is number 37 in our interview series.

For those who have forgotten about Jackie Seals run-in with the Main Stream Media..

Ms.Seal was standing on line in Grand Rapids Michigan, a diehard fan of Sarah Palin, hoping to get her copy of Going Rogue autographed by her idol. Well, a few trolls from MSNBC, that call themselves reporters, were going through the crowd looking for Palinites to interview, well along came Jackie, and the ambush which would follow


Seal writes at

Tim Knight - Ms.Seal, we have all heard about your endeavor with the Main Stream Media, however, we have all failed to ask one question, was it worth it?

Jackie Seal - Well, I certainly didn't approach the interview with the idea of getting all the attention I got. It was one of those things where I thought, like any teenager would, it would be cool to be interviewed on television. Obviously, I knew MSNBC and Norah O'Donnell are biased and not by any stretch of the imagination Palin fans but I went for it. I thought it was going to be okay when she asked me off air why I like Sarah Palin and then she changed her mind when we went on air. Once she hit me with that question I thought, Okay, this could get some attention. I never thought all the big name radio and television hosts and websites would grab on to it but they did. Was it worth it? Let's put it this way, Rush Limbaugh said I was smart and Ann Coulter said I was exactly right.

It's also open the door for multiple radio interviews including one with Eddie Burke in Alaska and Jenny Erkison of Smart Girl Politics as well as come in contact with several other young conservatives. Myself and four young conservatives I met via Twitter have actually started a site. It's still in it's early stages but you can visit at . We hope it can become a place for young conservatives to gather and share ideas and educate ourselves.

Tim Knight - Ms.Seal, Going Rogue, is perhaps one of the finest books I have ever read, what is your opinion of Sarah Palin's best seller? Also, and your opinion of Palin's emphasis on Michigan towards the end of the book?

Jackie Seal - I loved the book. I thought it was very well written. When I read it I sort of felt like I was having a conversation with her. It was one of those conversationalist type books. I loved getting to hear about her childhood and family life. I thought the end of her book was great. Her call for Americans to stand up and expressing her commonsense conservative ideals was probably one of my favorite parts of the book. As for the shout out to Michigan, I thought it was great. Being a fan, and a Michigander it was very cool. It really showed that she was not a fan of the campaign pulling out of Michigan. She clearly felt they still had a shot. I was certainly upset when I found out they were pulling out, it seemed like they were giving him, which is the last thing a candidate should do in an election. You fight until the end, and that goes for anything in life.

Tim Knight - Ms.Seal, what is your opinion of Michigan, Republican chances of regaining the Governors mansion, and your political affiliation?

Jackie Seal - I think Republicans have an excellent chance. I think a large majority of Michiganders are fed up with the leftist policies of Governor Granholm. You can look at the state and see her policies have failed. We've got a lot of republicans running. The two front-runners appear to be the current Attorney General Mike Cox and State Representative Pete Hoekstra. I'm hoping to be involved with Hoekstra's campaign this summer. I'll be 18 later this month which means I finally get to register to vote! I plan on registering Republican and taking an active role in helping conservatives get elected in 2010.

Tim Knight - Ms.Seal, what is your opinion of R.S. McCain, who has written in your defense over the past few months, and even offered his sons for possible marriage?

Jackie Seal - Mr. McCain has been very friendly both on his blog and on Twitter. His blog posts in my defense have been very kind. He's a very accomplished man and pretty well known in the blogosphere so I appreciate his support. As for his offer of marriage to his twins, they'll have to talk to my dad. haha.

Tim Knight - Ms.Seal, what does your political future hold? We know you're capable of annoying the Main Stream Media, perhaps a full time career in doing so would be fitting?

Jackie Seal - As for my political future, I can only dream. I do plan on studying political science and journalism in college. Where that will take me, I'm unsure of right now. But a full time career in annoying the Main Stream Media is certainly something I would enjoy. You know your fulfilling your job as a conservative when the Main Stream Media can't stand you. Most of the people I look up to are professionals in annoying the Main Stream Media. Right now, I'm just focusing on finishing high school, reading books to educate myself on the founding of this country and conservative ideas. While doing some blogging and tweeting on the side!

Tim Knight - Ms.Seal, one of the toughest voting blocs for Conservatism to reach, are youngsters, however, being a youngster yourself, how can we appeal to the upcoming voters of 2010, 2011, and 2012?

Jackie Seal - Oh boy, I've been trying to come up with ideas for this one for quite some time. This is a tough one because nowadays the media is so dominated by the left. I really think the biggest thing is education. You've got public schools that have been invaded, for lack of a better term, by liberal teachers and any student who dares to lean to the right is attacked. I don't attend a public school but I've heard stories from young conservatives who do and I have seen documentaries on television exposing the overwhelming liberal bias there is in the classroom. Young people need to educate themselves on the issues rather than just going with the flow of what is popular among their peers. Also, conservative/republican candidates really need to exploit resources like Twitter, Face book, YouTube, Myspace etc or maybe somehow get a video game that would help educate them, haha. Everyone knows young people spend more time in front of the Internet or video games than reading a book or watching the news. Not to mention how far behind the republicans are in exploiting social networking sites and the opportunities technology offers. They've really got to grab on to that. Conservatives have never done well among young voters which is a shame. I hope we see that change in these upcoming elections.

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Anonymous said...

Jackie Seal's own blog makes her look like she was the biased one in her interview with Norah O’Donnell. She went into the interview with the mindset that the reporter was going to give her a hard time. "I knew I was walking into hot water with MSNBC- thought I was prepared… Seconds later I met her… One of the many faces of liberal media bias." She was asked a question about her shirt - a perfectly natural thing for a reporter to do. I find it very hard to see the malicious intent in that, unlike Jackie Seal: "to be 100% honest I was like, are you kidding me? She is trying to use my shirt against me. I was so shocked by the craftiness she had that I was truly stumped."