Monday, January 11, 2010

Scott Brown has raised 1,000,000 dollars online.

Update - Scott Brown's Internet fundraiser has now raised $1,050,156.36 for his campaign, amazing. While the "Conservative blogosphere" might be ignored and dismissed, one million dollars cannot be dismissed.

Scott Brown's campaign has raised $1,012,059.54 during an Internet fundraiser today, surpassing two previous goals of $500,000 dollars and $750.000 dollars.

Amazing, -, please donate what is possible, because we can change the course of America, for the good in just eight more days.

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Ivy said...

SEAN HANNITY, HOST: All right, it looks like there's more trouble on the horizon for the Democratic Party. The New York Times, yes, even The New York Times is reporting that Democrats are scrambling in Massachusetts thanks to the emergence of a dynamic Republican candidate in that state and the man responsible for the GOP's high hopes is State Senator Scott Brown. He joins me now from the People's Republic of Massachusetts.I like NFL Draft.