Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Interview: Blogs for Victory

Jumping in Pools is proud to present its 50th interview in our on-going series. Blogs for Victory is a popular site that was formerly known as "Blogs for Bush," one of the most influential blogs of 2004. Be sure to check out their site, and make sure to bookmark them if you like them.

1. When did Blogs for Bush become Blogs for Victory and how did the transition go?

A: We transitioned Blogs for Bush into Blogs for Victory in November of 2007.It was a tough decision to switch, but with the 2008 election season brewing, it made sense to look ahead and re-brand.

2. What has been President Obama's best act as President so far? Worst?

A.. Whenever he's not making a decision is a good time. The idea that this moron has any influence on national and international issues scares me.

3. Any favorites yet for the 2012 race?

A. No. I am going into the next presidential election with an open mind.

4. What's the best part about running your site?

A. It's nice knowing that what I am doing could be making a difference.

5. Do you see the GOP winning the White House in 2012?

A. I see the GOP winning Congress back this year, and the White House in 2012. It is inevitable that left-wing ideas may resonate on the campaign trail, but the country is more conservative leaning than they realize, and the people don't tolerate it.


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