Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Scott Brown raised $1.3 million dollars online!

Scott Brown raised $1,303,302.50 dollars during an online fundraiser yesterday, achieving the initial goal of $500,000 dollars with ease, than surpassing additional goals of $750,000 dollars and $1,000,000 dollars later in the evening, surprising results for a campaign that no-one was following just a few weeks ago.

Scott Brown is winning the battle of the Internet, on all fronts. Scott Brown is leading his Democratic opponent on Twitter, Facebook, Google results, and Internet fundraising, while his campaign has support from across Massachusetts, Republicans of all beliefs, and the United States of America, including the Boston Herald and Curt Schilling, both of whom have endorsed Brown's campaign.

According to various reports, lifelong Democrats are supporting Scott Brown's campaign, while the Republican base is fired up over this election, Independents are flocking to his campaign, and Democrats are demoralized in Massachusetts, helping Scott Brown's campaign in the overall turnout of voters next week. However, Democrats are resorting to politics as usual, attempting to change the law in hopes of preventing Scott Brown's arrival in Washington for several weeks, if elected.

The chance of defeating his Democratic opponent is growing, as it was once a pipe dream supported amongst a few Conservative bloggers (myself and William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection), has now been confirmed as reality from numerous polls, detailing Scott Brown's support amongst Republicans, Independents, and even Democrats, while his Democratic opponent is losing support on a regular basis.

One more week to the election. One more week to the largest election of 2010, because winning in Massachusetts, is saving the Republic.


The Other McCain is planning another journalistic endeavour, this time to Massachusetts for a once in a lifetime experience of covering one of the most important elections of this decade, I ask that all who can donate some monies to his efforts, please do so - http://theothermccain.com/2010/01/12/scott-browns-money-bomb-racks-up-1-3-million-in-one-day/

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have joined Scott's "Brown Brigade".
We enlisted 10 members in Florida within several hours!
Our deepest hope, prayers, and well wishes go to EVERYONE working for Scott. This may be the key
to reclaiming the America we knew and loved before November 2008.
Al in FL