Thursday, January 14, 2010

WOW - Brown is winning & Massachusetts voters want Brown in without liberal obstruction.

50% - Scott Brown (R).
46% - Martha Coakley (D).
3% - Joseph Kennedy (I).
1% - Undecided.

Scott Brown is now winning in Massachusetts, leaving Conservatives and Republicans across Massachusetts, the blogosphere, and America prepared for 41 Republican Senators in Washington, more important, 41 votes of opposition against the Democratic health care legislation.

Amazing, support Brown's campaign -

Also, according to over 30,000 voters on the Boston Herald website, Scott Brown should be rushed into Washington after winning, however, I think Massachusetts should wait until we know Brown has won the election one hundred percent (regardless of who wins, Massachusetts should wait until all the votes come in), because I remember the fiasco in New York's 23rd congressional district.

46% - Get it done by the January 20th United States Senate session.
37% - Bypass it all and swear him in right away.
14% (my vote) - Wait 10 days for the votes to be counted.
3% - Wait for certification until February 20th, to be safe.

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