Thursday, January 14, 2010

An Interview With Infidels are Cool

Jumping in Pools is proud to present our 51st interview in our ongoing series. This time we're interviewing John from Infidels are Cool, an anti-jihadist website. So check them out and bookmark 'em if you like the site.

1. When and why did you start Infidels are Cool?

I started IAC mid 2006 primarily to have an outlet to vent my frustrations with the ever growing threat of radical Islam at home and around the globe. It's turned into much more than that diving deep into the culture and doctrines of Islam and how/why so many Muslims today still adhere to the violent and politically radical way of thinking that goes against pretty much every value the Western World has been standing for since our existence. IAC isn't intended to be a site about the religious aspects of Islam (however I may disagree), but more the cultural, political, and militant nature tied to those religious beliefs that millions of people still adhere to and which millions of so called "moderates" brush aside, ignore, and vilify those who would be critical of Islam.

Among other things, my political views are generally conservative-libertarian and we write a lot exposing leftist Marxists all around the world, especially those in America who've taken over much of the Democratic Party.

2. In a recent poll, Canadians listed climate change as a worse threat to their country than international terrorism by 2-1. What is your reaction?

I'm not surprised. First of all, they're not as worried about it because they haven't been hit my a major attack unlike the US and others. On top of that, Canadians politically lean more left, more socialist, more statist. It's not surprising, that when you think about the fraud that's been perpetrated by American and European leftist about global warming that so many people would believe it. I personally believe there is some sort of climate change, but I think it's an absurd notion that humans are the cause of it. I also believe that statists around the globe are using climate change as a mechanism to assert more state and global power which is the ideal leftist utopia. If you have a reason to control societies with statist policies, Global Warming is the perfect way to achieve those means. As we now know, the frauds have been exposed with the Climate Gate scandal and man-caused global warming has been proven to be a total and utter fabricated lie perpetrated by the IPCC and others.

3. What was President Obama's best moment in office thus far? Worst?

Best moment? Hard to say with so many outright lies, failures and destructive policies.

Worst moment? I think the video put out where he promises 8 times to the American people about putting healthcare reform talks on C-span was devastating. The American people don't forget such outright blatant lies like that. Notice how Obama hasn't had a press conference in 6 months? Wonder why?

4. Can you tell me about a not well-known hero in the fight against jihad?

I would have to say the hundreds of bloggers who've all started websites promoting this information across as many channels as possible. I know there are a handful of anti-jihad sites who have done well, but most don't notice the enormous amount of people who've contributed in smaller ways, yet their power is in their numbers. An army of 500 bloggers exposing Islamic Jihad, in my opinion, is more powerful than any one large site. It's the grass roots of the internet, really. They may not be well noticed, but they're making a huge impact on the flow of information.

5. What's the best part about running your site?

The ability to bring important information the average person wouldn't normally find in the everyday mainstream media. I follow about 600 news feeds from all over world every single day. Bringing the news and getting it out quickly is something I've been good at and something I know a lot of people appreciate. The community that we've built is also a huge motivator for me.

6. Do you have a favorite for the 2012 election yet? Would you vote for Joe Lieberman against Barack Obama?

No I don't have a favorite yet. I honestly think someone else is going to emerge as a strong candidate that we haven't seen yet. Remember, despite the backlash Democrats are seeing, the Republican party is still trying to find itself. We've seen the revolt through the Tea Party movement and I think that's a reflection of the American people being fed up with not only the extreme leftist agenda of Obama/Pelosi/Reid, but also the shenanigans of RINO Republicans. Hopefully the Republican party will get back to it's roots of strong Reagan Conservatism.

I like Lieberman a lot on National Security. His hawkish nature makes me feel like he really cares about pro-actively protecting the American people. He is still a Democrat though and there are major differences in terms of social and economic policy. As for Lieberman over Obama? I don't know if that would ever happen unless Lieberman went back to the Democratic Party and defeated Obama in the primary as a Democrat. Even then, I'm not a Democrat so I couldn't vote.

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