Saturday, February 20, 2010

2010 CPAC Presidential Straw Poll results are in.

Is this what Conservatives want for America? Congressman Ron Paul running the United States of America, a man who is weaker than President Obama on National defense, while some suspect he holds 9/11 truther opinions. I am sickened, how could 31% of Conservatives in Washington want this man to be our Republican nominee and their President. Was there libertarian poison in the water?

Here are the full results :

Congressman Paul - 31%.
Governor Romney - 22%.
Governor Palin - 7%.
Governor Pawlently - 6%.
Congressman Pence - 5%.
Speaker Gingrich - 4%.
Governor Huckabee - 4%.
Governor Daniels - 2%.
Governor Santorum - 2%.
Senator Thune - 2%.
Governor Barbour - 1%.
Other - 5%.
Undecided - 6%.

I know Senator DeMint received at least one vote, however, it appears the collected masses ignored the constant emails and twitterings from me, because it appears he received just that one vote.

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