Thursday, February 25, 2010

Castle holds a 21% lead in Delaware.

It appears we are another step closer to retaking the United States Senate and the long held seat of Vice-President Biden in November, according to a poll released this morning from Rasmussen Reports. A year ago this discussion seemed impossible, but with America's economic situation declining and a strong Republican candidate in the race, we should win Delaware with ease.

Congressman Castle, a well known figure of Delaware politics (despite being a Republican) is holding a 21% lead over his Democrat opponent, who is a small fish in the political pond, when compared to Castle, who has served as Governor and then Congressman for decades.

2010 Delaware Senate Race

Mike Castle (R)


Chris Coons (D)


Some other candidate


Not sure


Just eight percent of voters are "not sure" about the 2010 Delaware Senate race, and 53% of voters are behind Congressman Castle with eight months to November. Meaning all the well known Congressman needs to do is retain a united coalition of supporters, and Delaware will have GOP representation in the Senate for the first time in decades.

There was also another surprising result from the Delaware Senate poll as well; Obama's approval rating is hovering around 50% in a state he won 62% of the vote in November of 2008. Just 51% of Delaware voters approve of Obama's job as President, compared to 48% who disapprove of Obama's job as President.

Could Republicans win Delaware during the 2012 Presidential election? Who knows, it could happen, considering we are leading in the 2010 Delaware Senate election, which all of the political experts "doubted" would occur twelve months ago.

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