Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friends of Warren Redlich.

Warren Redlich is a radical Libertarian who will not represent the interests of Republicans or New Yorkers as their Republican nominee or Governor, due to his inexperience, incompetence and lack of National defense understanding, which is important in this state.

I've been hammering Redlich for a few weeks now, because I see him as a threat to Republicans, Conservatives, a strong National defense and our future in the Empire state, but I have neglected to research the friends of Warren Redlich, that is until now.

When it was announced Redlich was considering a run for Governor, he named two agitators who had been encouraging him to run for the Republican and Libertarian nominations, those agitators would be Eric Sundwell and Jim Ostrowski, two fellow radicals who cannot stand Republicans or National defense.

Eric Sundwell made his political mark in March of 2009, as he was one of the three candidates attempting to replace Senator Gillibrand in her old seat, attacking the Republican nominee at will, while running on the Libertarian line, however, over 3,500 signatures Sundwell's campaign collected were ruled invalid, he was disqualified from running.

After he was tossed out of the race, he endorsed the Democrat candidate - who has voted for government run health care, cap & trade and over 88% of the Democratic agenda since taking his seat in Congress, after defeating a fiscal conservative Republican by just 700 votes.

Jim Ostrowski is a local author who loves Lew Rockwell, Libertarian weakness on National defense and trashing Republicans with idiotic and untrue statements. Over the past few weeks, Ostrowski has called Representative Bachmann "another neocon Koolaid drinker" in relation to a speech she delivered on the importance of America and Israel friendship and alliance.

Ostrowski has also called Representative Christopher Lee of New York's 26th congressional district a liberal, a professional politician, a corporate shill and a Representative beholden to special interests. I guess a 90% voting record against Obama's radical agenda, serving his first term in the House of Representatives, being a successful businessman and belonging to a family with political backgrounds is the definition of a liberal, professional politician, who happens to be a corporate shill and beholden to special interests......right.

Ostrowski has also attacked Governor Palin, her parents and her children, because of their connections to public schooling. I guess being a teacher in a public school or attending public school when you're fourteen years old is dangerous to freedom and the future of America.

These are the friends of Warren Redlich. One is a leader in the Libertarian movement who endorsed a liberal Democrat over a Conservative Republican, while failing to achieve 3,500 accurate signatures on his election petition. The other is a Libertarian nutjob, who believes a strong Israeli-American connection is "drinking the koolaid" if religion is involved, Governor Palin is a stooge for big government and the War on Terrorism has screwed our economic situation.

Once again, I ask the voters of New York - is this who we want as a Republican nominee, let alone the Governor of New York? A man who is blinded in his National defense beliefs, while associating with Libertarians who blame all of our problems on the War on Terrorism. Redlich and his associates have endorsed/supported candidates who are apart of the problem. Not to mention, Redlich is not fit to lead a National Guard, let alone our state.

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Unknown said...

Mr. K: Sooner or later you are going to talk about my policy proposals versus Lazio's, right? I asked you in a comment on your last post about me.

You're going to talk about Lazio's lifetime D- from the NRA, right?

You're going to talk about how he couldn't beat an unpopular carpetbagger despite having 50% more money, right?

You're going to talk about his role in the bailouts and bonuses, right?

Your attacks on Eric and Jim are pathetic. We aren't afraid to act publicly and we talk about issues. You hide behind "Mr. K" and avoid the issues like a typical political whore.


Anonymous said...

Mr. K., You seem to have captured the essence of Warren Redlich. He is creepy. Take a look at his conduct and actions.
1. He took the online identities of at least 4 people and trashed them with false allegations making people think these individuals were trashing themselves. That is creepy.
2. He told family members of victims of drunk drivers that he wasn't going to enforce the laws to save money on Judges and to protect his clients. That was creepier.
3. He writes in his blog about Shakespeare having sex with 13 year old girls and claims that it is some Darwinian principle that older men should have sex with 13 year old girls because they mature quicker than men. That is the creepiest.

He has the nerve to call you a "political whore", when he has tried to run for political office as a Democrat, Republican, Liberal, and Green Party candidate. He claims to be a "Conservative" but has made disparaging remarks about that Party.
All Warren Redlich wants is media attention. He has no real beliefs except to promote himself.