Friday, February 26, 2010

Paterson Dropping Out of New York Governor's Race

Following revelations that he covered up domestic abuse, Governor David Paterson of New York will no longer seek election in the NY gubernatorial race this year.

The embattled Governor has seen a tremendously low approval ratings in the last few months, but decided to launch his campaign to stay in office last week. Among calls for him to stop, just yesterday the Gov. said that he would not step aside. Today, however, the tables have turned.
Governor Paterson

Paterson's flip on his campaign leaves the door wide open for Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic front-runner who still has not officially declared his candidacy. At 3 o'clock this afternoon the Governor will hold a press conference, where it is expected that he will announce his withdrawal from the race.

Whether or not this will lead to Paterson's outright resignation is still unclear.

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