Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The unapologetic Conservative believes in? 2.0.

Author's note - this is a revised version of an article I published in May of last year. Enjoy!

Who are Conservatives?

What are Conservatives?

What does a Conservative believe in, what will they fight for and what will they die for?

Conservatism has its own popular culture, we are often taken out of context, we are often described as something we are not. Those who oppose us - hate us, our beliefs are poison to our opponents - yet they mimic our beliefs & values come November.

What does the unapologetic Conservative believe in?

We believe in America, as the greatest form of good, as the greatest Nation ever conceived on the face of the earth, along with our servicemen - the greatest warriors that the world has ever seen, due to one ultimate reason: They fight for freedom.

We believe in life from conception, and that abortion is murder. We believe in traditional marriage and that those that have destructed life in cold blood; deserve death.

We believe in the right to succeed or to fail, thus we believe in the capitalistic system which has made America what we are today. We also believe in merit pay - where someone is paid for what they have accomplished, instead of what someone thinks they deserve.

We believe in fighting against all evil that has attacked, or is planning to attack the United States or Israel. We believe in peace through strength, and that war is the best option 99% of the time. We also believe in fighting to the death for our Nation.

We believe in the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and in the words and beliefs of our Founding Fathers, as these pillars of American freedom - is the ultimate reason America has remained as stable and free as we are today for over 200 years.

We believe in low taxes, personal responsibility, limited government, a Republican form of government, and God.

We believe in legal Justice for all, and that America's legal system is blind to all races, monies and powers, and that it should remain that way for all time.

We believe in working for what one provides himself, not in receiving government handouts, affirmative action, or reparations.

We believe in Borders, Language, and Culture - that illegal aliens must be deported, that our Border must be secured, and that the law must be followed.

We believe that God created the Earth, Man, Animals, etc - that evolution, along with global warming is junk science.

We believe in Americans; that Americans can succeed or fail with the system given to them, that when Americans fail they will pick themselves right back up, and when they succeed - that they will prosper.

The list could go on, but this is just apart of what the unapologetic Conservative believes in. We are just simple minded, common sense oriented, Bible thumping, gun loving rednecks from rural areas, but we are here - and we are America.

Also, why do we refuse to apologize for our beliefs? Because we are Americans in America, we have the right to believe in what our Founders believed in, what the Bible teaches, and what Conservatism has done for America - all of which has resulted in untold amounts of wealth & prosperity.

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Anonymous said...

Not much I can add to that except in the negative (what we are not i.e. racists, homophobes and warmongers. That pretty much sums it up.