Thursday, February 18, 2010

The West is Leaving Obama

Finally some good news. Apparently, event though Barack Obama was able to win in Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico, the Democrats are losing their grip on their gains in the American West.

Problems will likely emerge for the GOP in the next twenty years as the Latino population grows-- if the Latino community will continue voting Democrat. However, as states like Texas and Florida show, Latinos can be convinced to vote Republican if there are appropriate reasons.

But it looks like we have some short-term good news for 2010:

But there are also signs that the party's expansive agenda during the first year of the Obama administration was simply out of step with the views of many of the region's voters.

"By leading with a major health care reform policy when the economy is bad, by talking about global climate policy while the economy is bad, that's a tough sell, particularly in the mountain West," said Eric Herzik, a political scientist at the University of Nevada.

Herzik said that as the party has expanded its base in the region, it is targeting moderately conservative voters whose views are often at odds with the Democrats' more liberal base in the Northeast.

A critical factor in the party's short-term prospects in the region will be the army of young and minority voters mobilized by Obama's campaign two years ago

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