Monday, February 15, 2010

Impeach Obama?

I hated the liberal nut jobs who wanted to Impeach President George W. Bush over "war crimes" and I hate the little (c) conservatives who want to Impeach President Barack Obama over "fiscal mismanagement".

Impeach Obama - America's small businesses are failing. Help us spread the message.

I wonder if these idiots have ever read the United States Constitution. A document that allows for impeachment proceedings under special and specific circumstances, according to the United States Constitution; fiscal mismanagement is not an acceptable reason for the President of the United States to be Impeached.

What has happened to us? After the appropriate, but unsuccessful Impeachment proceedings launched against President Clinton, both sides of the political spectrum have retreated to Impeachment proceedings to solve a political problem, instead of elections and political pressure through acceptable means.

I don't know about some Conservatives, but I would rather defeat Obama in 2012 based on the facts of his horrific first term and the freedoms guaranteed to us in the Constitution, instead of launching frivolous allegations into the Halls of Congress.

Also, for those who were against the Impeachment of President Clinton, remember this : President Clinton lied under oath, neither President Bush nor President Obama have done likewise.


Government Mess said...

Where do I sign up for the impeach Obama petition? The man has lied so much it should be automatic at this point! Who ever put up that sign is a true patriot with brass! Nice piece and keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

If breaking campaign promises was a "high crime or misdemeanor" we would be in business. But all he has done so far is push the country towards socialism. As it stands having a totally screwed up leftist ideology doesn't qualify. I sure am looking forward to 2012.