Thursday, February 25, 2010

American-British relations continue to deteriorate.

During the 1982 Falklands War between Great Britain and Argentina, the United States stood strong with our British allies and prohibited arm sales to the Argentinian aggressors. After two months of aggressive fighting, the Falkland Islands were restored under British control once and for all.

Or so we thought at the time.

Argentina has retained their position that the Falkland Islands are of their possession, despite the easing of diplomatic tensions between the former nations of war. However, with British attempts to expand oil exploration near the contested Islands, Argentina is once again challenging British ownership of the Islands and causing diplomatic conditions to deteriorate.

It appears the same can be said for American-British relations as well.

Ever since the conclusion of World War 1, America and Great Britain have entered into a unique and special relationship with one-another. Consisting of excellent diplomatic relations between the two western nations, a strong alliance of our Armed Forces during times of war and one NFL game a season in London.

Our cherished relationship has deteriorated since the Obama Administration took power, as a statue of Winston Churchill was removed from the White House and returned to our British allies, our intelligence has been withholding information from our British counterparts and Obama insulted Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister Brown with less than accommodating presents.

On top of all that has been mentioned, President Obama and his State Department has chosen a position of neutrality on the current British-Argentinian standoff over the Falkland Islands, refusing to endorse British sovereignty of the Islands.

On behalf of the United States of America; I would like to apologize for the arrogance of Obama, and the United States State Department, while recognizing British ownership of the Falkland Islands.

Does Obama want to see the destruction of American friendship with all of our allies? Israel, Great Britain, even the poor people of Honduras have been targeted under this Administration, who will be next? It's amusing in one aspect; because liberals told us he would mend our broken relationships around the world, how wrong of a statement that was.

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Anonymous said...

It's reassuring to see an article like this, which has eased my worries, not rid them, but eased. It appears from this side of the atlantic that America no longer cares about the UK, which I find insulting and fustrating how we have supported you(a great deal more the rest of Europe) and you repay us by turning down meeting Brown (because the martigra bomber was released: which was out of his control) and are now stabbing the 3000 falkland residents in the back, by not pledging support (apparently as bascklash for us releasing information on British residents being taken and tortured in America).