Sunday, February 28, 2010

Health Care is DEAD.

Come on people! Pelosi does not have the votes. Reid will not dare attempt reconciliation. Obama will never join Republicans on one substantial idea. Republicans are fighting to the bitter end. The American electorate will not forget in November.

It is impossible for Obama's health care legislation to pass either House of Congress at this point, nothing will change that, and the arrogance of Obama at the "Health Care Summit" will help fuel further Republican and American opposition to the legislation.

All 219 Republicans in Washington are opposed to the proposed health care legislation. That meant nothing a few months ago, but Senator Scott Brown is now voting, and Congressman Cao, the lone Republican who supported the legislation in November, is now opposed.

It cannot pass. We cannot let the media hysteria affect our dedicated stance for freedom. We are in control, our opponents are losing. Now is not the time to start shivering in fear, because we have the truth and votes on our side.

We have dozens of legislative battles upcoming, health care is no longer a legitimate issue for Obama and his minions, the time to prepare for other battles has come.

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