Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Illegal Alien citizenship loophole - lose a loved one on 9/11.

I was looking up legislation on Open Congress this evening, when I stumbled upon Senate legislation that would allow illegal aliens who lost loved ones during the September eleventh attacks to obtain permanent residence as a legal inhabitant of America.

Excuse me? We now have Senators who are offering legislation to legalize illegal aliens who had their spouse or parent parish during the September eleventh attacks. Talk about a direct slap in the faces of all the Americans and law-abiding immigrants who were murdered on the morning and afternoon of September eleventh, 2001.

America is a nation of laws. Those who didn't belong here on September tenth, September twelfth and September thirteenth, still don't belong here. What will be next? Legislation to grant permanent residence to the relatives of Katrina survivors who were illegal aliens.

Give me a break!

Senator Lautenberg introduced this legislation on September eleventh (another slap in the face), 2001, it has since received eight additional sponsors, seven of which are Democrats. I am pleased to report this legislation has not moved in months, but the thought of using September eleventh as an excuse to legalize illegal aliens who don't belong here, is insulting.

What has happened to the America we knew and how can the American electorate support such fools who propose just as foolish legislation. I have no idea, but I hear November is just a few more months away.


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