Sunday, February 28, 2010

Avitabile-Gruning ticket is full speed ahead.

I'd hate to pain hundreds of Conservative individuals across the Nation with boring details from a campaign meeting involving a Village Trustee election, but it involves the Founder and Editor of Jumping in Pools, Matthew Avitabile, who is seeking his second term on the Middleburgh Village Board.
There is one problem with the American voter: Village elections, Town elections, County elections and State elections are ignored for Presidential, Senatorial and Congressional elections. When in fact, those local elections will affect your taxes, lives and pocketbooks more than 435 elected Democrats in Congress ever could.

Matthew Avitabile and Doctor Gruning understand that. Some might not know this, but Matt is one of four elected Village Trustees in Middleburgh, New York. He does what most Conservative and Republican bloggers don't; he makes a real difference.

The meeting this afternoon was interesting and full of discussion, as several individuals, including Matthew Avitabile and Doctor Gruning, prepared for the Village Election that will be held in just 16 days. This is the real America, where ten local individuals join together around a coffee table, with doughnuts and coffee, to work for something on a local electoral basis.

I will be writing about the election as March 16th rolls around, and for all in Middleburgh; vote Avitabile-Grunning for the Village of Middleburgh Board of Trustees on March 16th.

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Editor said...

I hope that those two handsome gentlemen win.

Hayzer said...

I have a feeling they will both die a horrible, extremely gay death in a bridge accident sometime in the near future.

Joe C. said...


Jade said...

How could anyone vote for a betrayer as great as him!?