Saturday, February 20, 2010

Which Glenn Beck will we see tonight?

Glenn Beck, one of the leading Conservative-Libertarian talk show hosts in America will be addressing the Conservative Political Action Conference tonight at 6PM, this will be his first appearance at CPAC (if I have the facts correct and in order) and I am curious as to which Glenn Beck will show up tonight.

Is there another Glenn Beck?

In a world where there is just one of each person; no there is not another Glenn Beck. However, in the political world where opinionists differ in their opinions on a regular basis, we could either see a Conservative Glenn Beck tonight or we could see a Libertarian Glenn Beck. There is a substantial difference between the two right-of-center ideologies and the closing speaker at CPAC espouses both on a regular basis.

I hope to see a Glenn Beck who believes in a strong National defense, individual freedom and Capitalism take the stage tonight, instead of a Glenn Beck who espouses doubts about our bases overseas and blames Republicans for all of our problems. This has been the one problem with Glenn Beck at CPAC that I have had since the announcement was made: Will he pushing for a electoral revolution of Conservatism or will he continue to bash Republicans and Democrats as the same?

The truth is, we'll know tonight at 6PM when Mr.Beck addresses thousands of Conservatives in Washington and millions of Americans across the nation (speech will be streamed on Fox News and C-SPAN). I hope we have a man who is dedicated to a Conservative Republican revolution in November on the stage tonight, however, the unpredictable nature of Beck makes it difficult to predict Beck.

Watch tonight and remember to visit Jumping in Pools during the evening, as we will be covering the CPAC Presidential straw poll and Glenn Becks' speech.

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clyde said...

Hey, you here at CPAC? E me if you are.

Timeshare Jake said...

I think you missed the third more moderate Glenn Beck who advocates more taxes (VAT).