Monday, February 22, 2010

Obama just doesn't get it.

I am still waiting for President Obama to wake up one morning and realize his government health care proposals are unpopular with the American people, and that we are demanding all Democratic attempts to takeover our health care system end now. I might have to stop waiting, because I know that plan of action is a lost cause.

Despite the tumbling poll numbers of Democrat Senators, Democrat Representatives and Democrat candidates across the United States due to the unpopular policies of Barack Obama, it appears the President just doesn't give a damn about the American people, because he is continuing his health care push.

Obama is sensing his push for government run health care will fail, thus he is revealing a last ditch effort to socialize America's health care insurance companies, which would result in control of the entire health care system. The proposal is as socialist as possible, there is no room for Capitalism under his "health proposal" to use the federal government to control insurance premiums.

The Obama plan is simple, yet evil: Use the power of the federal government to control how much Insurance companies can charge their customers, cause the companies to go bankrupt because of low premiums that don't cover the overhead costs and have the government swoop right in as the savior, ths taking over all health care decisions in America.

We are not dealing with socialists, communists, liberals or progressives. We are dealing with pure political and economic evil from President Obama and his minions. The November elections are upcoming, we need to hold a firm and united Republican opposition to all of his proposals and retain our energized spirit of Conservatism, we cannot let them win.

The fight isn't over for nine more months.

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Harrison said...

Obama knows he doesn't care.

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