Monday, February 22, 2010

Rubio is crushing Crist!

Marco Rubio is no longer the candidate of Conservative Republican hopes; he is now the candidate of universal Republican hopes according to a just released poll from Rasmussen Reports.

When Marco Rubio launched his Senatorial campaign last summer for the Republican nomination to replace then Senator Mel Martinez, most expected he would be devoured against Governor Charlie Crist, a Moderate Republican who just loved the stimulus package, until Rubio started to rise in the polls.

Rubio has been an adored candidate amongst Conservative Republicans, including Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina and his Senate Conservatives political action committee. However, after Rubio's touching speech in front of thousands at CPAC last week, he is now a national Conservative hero.

With that in mind, Rasmussen Reports released a new poll from Florida this morning (Warning for all Crist supporters - your head might explode) and it details the amazing shift from Rubio being a lost cause to Rubio being a new found cause.

54% of Republicans would support Marco Rubio.
36% of Republicans would support Charlie Crist.
4% of Republicans prefer another candidate.
7% of Republicans are unsure.

Marco Rubio now holds a commanding 18 percentage point lead over Governor Crist if the Republican Primary was held today.

Don't tell me Conservatism and Republicanism is not alive and well.

Rasmussen Reports -

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