Friday, February 12, 2010

Will Hoeven win in North Dakota?

North Dakota's well respected and approved Governor will be seeking the Republican nomination for the upcoming United States Senate election in November. Most have guaranteed a Governor Hoeven win, but none expected a political landslide, until a Rasmussen Reports poll was released this morning.

2010 election for United States Senate

(R) Governor Hoeven - 71%.
(D) State Senator Potter - 17%.
Some other candidate - 4%.
Not sure - 8%.

(R) Governor Hoeven - 65%.
(D) Heidi Heitkamp - 29%.
Some other candidate - 1%.
Not sure - 5%.

Governor Hoeven would've won against Senator Dorgan if he remained in the race, however, the Republican Governor will slaughter his Democratic opponents in November, due to his 85% approval rating, winning his third term as Governor with 75% of the vote and Obama's 58% disapproval rating in North Dakota at the same time.

Our road to retaking the United States Senate was made easier with Hoeven in the race, but he has made our chances of regaining control easier at the same time, because we don't have to pump resources into North Dakota. One seat down, nine more to go!

On a side note, 58% of North Dakota residents disapprove of Obama, while 39% of North Dakota residents approve of Obama, Senator McCain defeated Obama 53-44% in November of 2008, what a transformation.

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