Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vote DeMint!

Make it official, I am calling on all attendees of the Conservative Political Action Conference to vote for Senator Jim DeMint in the annual Presidential straw poll. We can no longer accept the Conservative blackout of Senator Jim DeMint, who is a strong defender of freedom, Republicans, Conservatism and Capitalism.

Whether it be a political distraction due to Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee and other potential GOP candidates for the nomination, or a yearlong lapse in political memories, most if not the entire Conservative blogosphere and the associated media (Fox News, Talk Radio, etc.) has ignored Senator DeMint as potential candidate for President.

I might be grasping political straws or pounding the darkhorse pavement of political campaigns, but Senator DeMint is not your average legislator in the sense his political principles come before political affiliation. DeMint is a fiscal conservative under all circumstances, DeMint has formed a political action committee to support Conservative candidates running for the Republican nomination in relation to Senate elections, and DeMint is the most Conservative Senator in America.

DeMint would be a candidate who can appeal to almost all voters in one aspect or another, whether it be social or fiscal conservatism, in addition to single issue voters who are pro-life, pro-second amendment and pro-capitalistic health care.

Thus, I am calling on all attendees of CPAC to "Vote DeMint!" during the annual Presidential straw poll to bring awareness to an honorable man, who would make a damn fine President for our Nation. Plus, our socialistic democratic counterparts hate DeMint, imagine the political cries from liberals if he is among the hollowed few.

VOTE DeMint 2010 at CPAC!

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