Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Could a former Jet defeat a corrupt legislator?

Michel Faulkner is not your typical Republican candidate for the House of Representatives: He is a black Conservative, a former New York Jet and a current Minister located in Harlem. Not to mention, but Mr.Faulkner is also challenging Representative Charlie Rangel, who is among the most corrupt members of the Democratic caucus and leadership today.

Representative Rangel has failed to report hundreds of thousands of dollars in rental income, has failed to pay taxes on property in the Dominican Republic and has committed these offenses while serving as Chairman of the House Ways and Means committee, the committee that handles United States tax law.

Most congressional districts, whether it be Republican or Democrat controlled would punish such a national embarrassment and disgrace, however, New York's fifteenth congressional district has just 20,000 registered Republicans, compared to over 300,000 registered Democrats.

Could that change with Michel Faulkner's campaign?

A campaign centered on life, low taxation and restoring ethical representation to Washington is a lost cause in a overwhelming Democrat controlled district, but then again, the New York Jets were never expected to advance to the AFC Championship last season, their late-season drive was also considered a "lost cause".

Miracle's do happen on a regular political basis (Scott Brown in Massachusetts, Chris Christie in New Jersey, etc.) and Michel Faulkner is the right man during the right time. He was appointed to several City Task Forces when Giuliani was in office and his close connections with the residents of New York's fifteenth congressional district could uplift his electoral hopes.

In conclusion, Reverend Faulkner has my support and I suspect he might be able to perform better than most Republicans against Representative Rangel, though I doubt his campaign will be successful in achieving their ultimate goal of election to the House of Representatives.


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