Monday, February 15, 2010

Responding to "Is Sarah Palin a dunce" response.

I published this yesterday afternoon :

The largest gathering of Conservatives will convene this upcoming weekend, as Conservative politicians, bloggers, journalists and activists meet in Washington to discuss the November elections and Conservatism as a whole. Marco Rubio, Glenn Beck, Senator DeMint, Congressman Pence, Doug Hoffman and Andrew Breitbart will all be there, with the addition of dozens of Conservative individuals of importance.

The lone exception is Sarah Palin, who will not be attending the Conservative Political Action Conference for the second consecutive year, which I believe will hurt her future in national politics. Her reasoning for not attending is based on fault and will hurt her in the end, because CPAC does not need her, she needs them.

What is your opinion? Is Sarah Palin a complete dunce for not attending CPAC or does she have some cunning, masterful, political ingenious tactic up her sleeve?

Not surprisingly, some Sarah Palin fans are not pleased with that post.

Mitt Romney has been to CPAC for how many years in a row now and where has it got him?

Mitt Romney has won the all-important CPAC Presidential straw poll for three consecutive years and would've won the Republican nomination in 2008, if it wasn't for Huckabee. Plus, Romney has retained a consistent base of supporters over those years, giving him a good shot at the 2012 Nomination.

Why use the term dunce? The left and MSM are hounding her day in day out. I think calling Sarah a dunce for not going to CPAC (gasp!) and acting like a baby about it is why conservatives lose. They eat their own for perceived infractions of the norm. Sarah isn't the norm. She is exceptional. Let her do it her way without you nipping at her heels.

First, what is the official definition of dunce? "A person who learns more slowly than others". That might be considered an insult, but almost all perspective candidates for the 2012 Republican nomination are visiting CPAC this weekend, except for Sarah Palin. CPAC is not a minor inconvenience, CPAC is where Presidential dreams are realized.

Not attending CPAC, is a rare demonstration of political inexperience by Palin.

Apparently, Jumping in Pools must have missed her star power as demonstrated by the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, Tennessee, where three cable networks changed their shedule to broadcast her speech, which by all accounts was a smash hit.

Jumping in Pools has the courage to defend George W. Bush (which I admire), but to not recognize the consistent message that Sarah Palin has been pushing from, uh, her time as mayor in Wasilla is laughable.

Jumping in Pools must also not be aware that she is (one of) the headline speaker(s) at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in early April. Otherwise, they might have listed that as an option as to why she is not attending, that is:
- Southerners like conservatives too.

Ok, Jumping in Pools are good guys but in regards to Sarah Palin (and her fans), they have a lot to learn.

I heard and read about the speech as well, it was a smash hit. Jumping in Pools (including the Editor) defended Sarah Palin against the liberal smears that erupted over the "notes", but the conference was tainted to a point; allowing a full fledged birther to ramble on for 30 minutes, while cheering "Its a blessing McCain lost".

How have I not recognized the message of Palin? I received her book for Christmas, read all 400 pages over the course of nine hours on Christmas and wrote a glowing review of her book. Palin is a dedicated Conservative who is important to our cause, but CPAC is just as important and I will defend CPAC until the organization is lost to the ages or until the death of this Conservative blogger.

SRLC has never been discussed on Jumping in Pools, perhaps to a fault, but that has nothing to do with the current conversation at hand. Plus, SRLC is held once every four years, CPAC is held once every twelve months. There is a difference.

On a final note, I never called Sarah Palin a "dunce", I asked if she is a dunce for not attending CPAC this upcoming weekend. Major difference. Plus, I am a Capitalistic blogger who loves traffic, so interesting headlines bring in a buttload of visitors.

I might agree with Palin 100 hundred percent of the time on the issues, but I'm not afraid to call her out when she is wrong on a political endorsement, speech or not attending the most important gathering of Conservatives in America.

Also, on a sidenote......When I attended a local Young Republicans meeting in Upstate New York, I was the lone Republican to support Palin for President.

P.S. - Most voters in the poll, disagreed with the notion Sarah Palin is a dunce for not attending CPAC, what's the problem?

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Harrison said...

You can't really blame Huckabee for beating Romney. If Romney's ideas and campaign was great he would have prevailed. Voters didn't like what they saw in him. Religion might have done Romney in but to say it wasn't his fault he lost is wrong I think.

Bill Peck 1958 said...

Mr. K, to say that you "didn't call her a dunce, you just asked the question" is insulting to the reader, to say the least.

You obvious feel that she is a dunce for not attending, why play word games ?

One other thing: I don't believe she's running for office, have I missed that announcement ? I believe she is fighting for our country against BHO right now.

At the point she decides to run for POTUS, my bet is she'll then be at CPAC.

So stop assuming what you don't know.

narciso said...

She outlined her reasons for not going several weeks, ago, mostly the way that David Keene has handled the business of the ACU. You know full well the meme you are bringing up with the word dunce. Who was more prophetic on what this administration would bring about, a year and a half out, on taxes, regulation, national defense, who encapsulated th e fundamental amorality of the Obama plan, who helped deep six cap n trade,she is the farthest thing from a dunce

William Henley said...

I find it funny that the ONLY conservative that didn't go to CPAC is going to be the next President of America if she decides to run. JMHO

Anonymous said...

I am perplexed by most of what Palin is doing lately. I think she is a strong conservative with huge potential. I just do not see the "big picture" she is painting here. While CPAC is not necessarily the be all end all it is certainly unwise to alienate those who believe it is. Politics is a funny business. I do not believe Palin should compromise her conservative beliefs but she shouldn't ignore the power of CPAC either.