Sunday, February 28, 2010

John Smoltz for Congress?

Some encouraging news as pitcher John Smoltz appears to be considering a Congressional run in Georgia. With current Congressman John Linder retiring, the buzz is that Smoltz, a Republican, might run for the seat. Smoltz has helped other GOP campaigns before and he might stand a very good shot. I'd be very pleased to see the former Atlanta Braves ace run for Congress. His legend status in Georgia will serve him well in a race for Congress and would help him in a state-wide race as well.

Smoltz hasn't signed with any team as of yet and if he decided to run, he very well might win the seat. The 42-year old would be able to finance his own campaign and have the name recognition to go along with it.

Now if we can get Curt Schilling to run for Senate in Massachusetts....

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WeBee said...

Run Smoltzy run!!!!

Luke said...

thats just stupid