Saturday, February 20, 2010

Estimated cost of attending CPAC 2011.

I am covering the largest gathering of Conservatives (also known as the Conservative Political Action Conference or as CPAC) from a computer in the middle of nowhere, leaving the awesome factor of CPAC above average, because Erick Erickson thought I was not good enough to receive blogger credentials to CPAC (good call).

Well, I am hoping to attend CPAC 2011 during the final stage of the weekend event, in which I would be covering the closing speech, straw poll results and visiting parts of Washington. Well, according to the registration fees, hotel fees and estimated travel costs, the hope of attending CPAC could be a lost hope, at least for a few more conferences.

  • Saturday Pass to CPAC - $50.00 dollars.
  • Hotel cost for two nights - $478.00 dollars.
  • Gasoline costs for travel - $50.00 dollars (pending good car).
  • Parking costs - $62.72 (two days).
  • Food & Drink - $100.00 dollars.
  • Wasteful spending - $150.00 dollars.
According to the estimations of this Conservative blogger, attending the Conservative Political Action Conference in 2011 would cost me $890.72 dollars, even when eliminating $150.00 dollars in proposed wasteful spending, the trip would still cost me $740.72 dollars.

The above mentioned estimates are based on hotel costs in 2010, gasoline costs in 2010 and not knowing how expensive food would be in Washington, leaving me with just one financial hope for attending CPAC in 2011 - receiving Conservative blogger credentials that would erase $50.00 dollars in expenses, leaving us with $690.72 dollars that will have to be raised.

I have a feeling I will not be attending CPAC in twelve months, unless I somehow get a job, transportation and several hundred dollars in generous donations from Conservatives across America......We shall see folks, for now....I am waiting for the straw poll results and for Glenn Becks upcoming speech.

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Unknown said...

You have a year to save less than $1000---come on you can do it!!

Anonymous said...

$3.00/day?!?! ...time to prove the innovation of conservatism and asking for a hand-out is not conservatism. provide people something of value and the money will follow. see you in 2011.

Anonymous said...

There are other ways to save money for the trip.
1st,stay at a different hotel and take the metro. That could shave a couple hundred dollars off the trip. An added benefit is that you wouldn't have to pay for parking.

There are also several places that you can eat cheaply while there. There is a Mc Donald's across the street, Open City serves good, inexpensive food, and Chipotle is right around the corner.