Thursday, February 18, 2010

CPAC is booming.

I am not attending the Conservative Political Action Conference this weekend, but I am watching the events on C-SPAN. As far as I can tell, CPAC is booming. Marco Rubio was inspirational, Senator DeMint was calm and collected, the panels have been interesting, the former Vice-President crashed the event and Scott Brown brought his truck along.

Conservative bloggers are also attending CPAC and their blogs have been updated on a regular basis with information from Washington :

I’m pleased to say I was able to give some small aid to Barbara concerning her PC issues. (this IS Da TECH GUY blog after all) and things turned into a very late night with Stacy, Smitty and Barbara all today wearing Fedoras and ready to blog.

I have actually been so very busy that I’ve not had the chance to do as much as I’ve liked. You will see several short films of various people here, I think the attendees are the story, the avg people who have come from all over the country to be here because they care.

I’m listening to the opening speech by David Keene and his speech is pretty good, but it will not be Keene’s speech but the people attending that will determine if we are successful in our quest to do our best we can for the country so we can leave a better one than we’ve received.

The Other McCain interviewed Marco Rubio after his thundering speech to CPAC.

Stacy McCain caught up with Marco Rubio just after MR’s keynote of justice at CPAC 2010.

Also........the Jumping in Pools campaign to win the CPAC Presidential Straw Poll for Senator Jim DeMint has stalled, as few Conservative bloggers have followed up on the constant emails and twitterings I have been sending all morning, however, I will not stop until the final vote has been counted.

Please join me on Twitter, using the hash tag - CPAC10 to spread the word on Senator DeMint to the various attendees of CPAC.

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