Monday, February 22, 2010

Heartless Liberals attack ill Cheney.

When I heard the news that Vice-President Cheney was in the hospital, I became worried and concerned that a great American hero who looked in perfect health at CPAC last week was dealing with a serious health condition. However, it appears the former Vice-President is recovering and doing well, despite the health scare.

After a few minutes of soaking in the news, I decided to check on some Liberal blogs and those that participate in the discussion, just to see what reaction our counterparts on the left have. I have to admit, I am beyond disgust at some of the comments.

through......heartless men deserve heartless comments.


there are very very VERY few people on this earth that I have no pity for in any circumstance, but Cheney is one of them.

and while I am sure this will get it's share of troll ratings, I'm not going to pretend that I wish him no ill and a speedy recovery.

The man was singularly responsible for the Iraq invasion, lies, occupation, war profiteering, outing a CIA agent, torture, 3 decades of the Unitary Executive and a whole litany of other abuses of law and pissing on the Constitution.


many years stumbling around not knowing his own name while wallowing in his own shit! And I hope his old lady is forced to stick around to have his stench become entrenched in her sinus cavities.


to laugh at this. Because what is really funny is that Jesse Helms dies of colon cancer. That is, he was attacked by how own malignant asshole. Which is what I expect of Cheney.


eight long years to hear that NICE lady on TV tell me that NICE guy Dick Cheney has NICELY succumbed.
This Dracula will never die! I think they told us he had heart trouble so we'd back off with hopes he'd soon be gone on his own!


I consider Dick Cheney an evil man; he's a monster, and deserves an eternity in Hell -- just like every other man and woman on Earth. Despite knowing that, I will feel a thrill of victory if I outlive the bastard.

And I'll be ashamed of that thrill, just as I imagine you will be of yours. Life is ugly enough without cheapening it any more.


I want him to spend a long, long time in jail.


some sort of social-medicine would save his life...


Walter Reed isn't for chickenhawks

oops, I broke the 'be nice' rule


Is it that you want all living things to live as long as possible? Do you feel the same way about Nazis and terrorists? I suspect that you're just saying this to be PC and that you could give a rats ass if he dies, just like the rest of us...


must be above the obvious. And hope he lives a long healthy life behind bars.


In addition to the whole "fellow man" thing, his death would (1) make him a martyr for the right who already adores him and (2) make war crimes prosecution impossible (and its already highly unlikely). So personally, I hope he lives to be 100.!-Dick-Cheney-hospitalized-with-chest-pains

Most comments are in relation to Cheney being a war criminal, wanting to torture him, joking about his death, throwing him into prison and hoping he does not recover. A few folks at the above linked website have wished the former Vice-President well, but those who give a damn represent a small portion of caring individuals in a movement that can be described alone as "heartless".

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Anonymous said...

He needs to die.

Harrison said...

I can see that "Anonymous" is a person of integrity... that's why he/she posted anonymously.

The people who say these kinds of things are cowards.

Editor said...

When Cheney gets out he's going to shoot those people in the face

Luke said...

He needs to die before he starts shooting more people in the face.

Cheat codes said...

How can anyone support a cruel attack upon a woman dying of cancer who has lost her son?