Saturday, February 13, 2010

Next black United States Senator?

Question : Will the next black United States Senator be a Democrat or a Republican?

Answer : Most would assume a "Democrat" would be the correct choice, but November of 2010 will present a curveball to intolerant liberals - black Republicans will be running for Congress across the United States and the next Senator who happens to be black, will be a Republican.

Question : Who will this man be?

Answer : The Chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission.

Question : Who is.....

Answer : Michael Williams.

Question : Texas is not having a United States Senate election though, so how could Michael Williams be the next black Senator?

Answer : Senator Hutchison is resigning from office in a few months and most suspect the current Governor will appoint Michael Williams to replace her until a special election is held.

Question : A placeholder Senator?

Answer : Nope. The lone black Senator to be elected in 2010.

Question : I was under the impression Republicans are white-hooded racists.

Answer : We are political racists - we hate Democrats and Liberalism, the color of a mans skin has nothing to do with our endorsements or candidates, we could care less if a man is white, black or orange.

In the coming months, I expect liberal intolerance will rocket to historic levels, as Michael Williams will be the next appointed and elected black Senator to the United States Senate, who happens to be a Conservative Republican who was appointed to his current position by President Bush.

Please join the Michael Williams campaign, he is the best candidate for the job, he is the most Conservative Republican in the race, plus we can demonstrate to our intolerant ideological counterparts who the real racists are - them.

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