Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Health Care legislation is dead.

Health care legislation is dead in the House of Representatives. That is not bold or wishful Conservative thinking, but a confirmed mathematical conclusion. As we all know, individuals who are opinionated can sometimes stretch the truth, but mathematical conclusions cannot.

When one is considering the health care debate at hand, understanding the November vote in the House of Representatives is crucial to realizing the ultimate truth that Democratic proposals on health care legislation are doomed to unavoidable failure. Since the legislation passed with 220 Representatives voting for and 215 Representatives voting against, the dynamics have changed just enough to provide some relief for Constitutional minded Patriots who are fighting the good fight.

  • Congressman Cao, the lone Republican who voted for the legislation in November, has since reversed course and has joined the only bipartisan coalition of Representatives active in Congress; the coalition opposed to Democrat sponsored health care.
  • Congressman Wexler resigned from the House of Representatives earlier this year, due to personal reasons. The special election to fill the vacant seat will not be held until April.
  • Congressman Space has announced his opposition to government run health care, after supporting the legislation last year.
  • Congressman Murtha died a few weeks ago, resulting in a vacant seat that has a good chance of switching over to Republican representation.
  • Congressman Abercrombie is resigning next week, which will result in a special election in Hawaii's first congressional district and a good chance for Republicans to claim a long held seat of Democrat dominance.
Let us do the math.

Congressman Cao is now opposed.
Congressman Space is now opposed.
Congressman Wexler has resigned.
Congressman Murtha has died.
Congressman Abercrombie is resigning.

Leaving 215 supporters of government run health care and 217 opponents of government run health care left in the House of Representatives. Not to mention, but Congressman Stupak is also opposed to the legislation as it is written, leaving us with 214 supporters and 218 opponents.

Health care is DEAD.

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Surfers paradise said...

No healthcare reform is not dead, PelosiObamaReid government dictatorial health care rationing bill has been defeated but not ended. Don't worry, the Democrats will try to bring it back to life.

Anonymous said...

Put every battery on that sucker and let rip till we can't see the disintegrating mass of paper for all of the smoke trails and fire.. Pegasus, fire at will. I hope indeed you are right. Happiness is watching the Obama administration's rotten agenda brew up like a T-64 after a good sabot-ing by an M-1 and may it burn brightly for at least a day or two.