Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New York Senator to hang with truther?

Senator Gillibrand was once a bluedog democrat who represented New York's 20th congressional district as a defender of the second amendment, opponent of government bailouts and a fiscally conservative Congresswoman for just one term. After twelve months as a Junior Senator, she has evolved into a progressive pawn hellbent on liberalism and government control.

When the Secretary of State was nominated to her current position, New York was embroiled in political rumors, as dozens of Democrats begged for appointment to the United States Senate. Governor David Paterson, who handled the appointment like the inexperienced dunce he is, selected then Congresswoman Gillibrand from a sleepy congressional district in Upstate New York.

The appointment pleased some Republicans for a week or so. The hope was that she would retain some of her bluedog tendencies, compared to Senator Schumer, who was the literal and figurative mouthpiece of liberalism and progressives in the Senate.

We were duped.

Senator Gillibrand has become a stooge for progressive policies, anti-second amendment zealots, socialistic proposals, government bailouts and ACORN, as she was just one of seven Senators who voted against legislation to defund the criminal organization of all possible steams of American tax dollars.

New York Republicans have remained optimistic over their electoral chances to defeat Gillibrand in November, despite the fact a definite winner in Mayor Guiliani has remained on the sidelines and the former Governor of New York, George Pataki, has been silent to a fault. However, the recent revelation involving Senator Gillibrand and Van Jones, should spell her immediate defeat.

According to a recent news report from The Hill, Senator Gillibrand and Van Jones will appear alongside one another at an upcoming forum, where the invited panelists will discuss the agenda of President Barack Obama in relation to job creation. Jones, as you might remember, is a self avowed communist who has been a cheerleader for the 9/11 truther movement.

Let me see if I have this right. Senator Gillibrand of New York state, will be appearing alongside Van Jones, one who believes the terrorist attacks on American soil, that killed 3,000 innocent individuals, was known beforehand by the Bush administration. How does she expect to win election in this state!

I have not heard a word out of Gillibrand or her Senate office. Will she continue with her plans to appear on a panel with such a dirtbag, now that the news has been released? Will Senator Gillibrand sit on a open panel with a man who believes the United States of America had information on terrorist attacks and still run for election to represent New York state.


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Government Mess said...

I am still following you and I enjoy your Blog, that is why I linked you...

keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

I think she would stand a better chance of defeat is she asked Obama to campaign for her as well. If she brought in Biden we could have the political death trifecta.