Saturday, February 27, 2010

British Paper Slams Obama Falklands Dithering

The Daily Telegraph, one of the largest newspapers in Great Britain has written an op-ed slamming the Obama Administration's handling of the Falkland Islands issue. This comes after Obama snubbed British Prime Minister Gordon Brown last year and also released documents accusing Britain of cooperating in torture.

The Telegraph couldn't be clearer in decrying Obama's cluelessness on foreign policy, especially about the Falklands. Recently as much as 40 billion barrels of oil was found surrounding the islands, which are owned by Britain. Argentina's claims and invasion of the islands in 1982 led to a short war which Britain decisively won.

From the article:

One has to wonder what benefit America gets out of hurting Britain on this issue. Perhaps Obama thinks that the more Leftist Latin American regimes will somehow approve of the US. If that is the case, he is truly mistaken, as most Latin American nations dislike the Argentineans, and have little sympathy for the mess Argentina got into over the Falklands.


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Try eating a heaping bowl of Fockl,